Craft: Felt Ruffle Wreath

Ruffle Wreath11Ruffle Wreath10

When Jill of Baby Rabies posted about her Felt Pomp Wreath, I knew my front door was incomplete without one. Off to the craft store I went to put my own Valentine’s Day spin on this felt concoction. Just a few things that I learned while making this wreath: (1) foam hearts are a hot commodity around this time of year (remind me to tell you about the crazy craft store lady who practically grabbed the last foam heart out of my hands and forced me to make a circular v-day wreath) and (2) hot pink is hard to photograph (it either looks red or orange or somewhere in between but not the pretty pink that it is in person). Happy crafting!

Foam Wreath (preferably a festive heart one)
Felt (about 1 yard, not hot pink if you are planning on photographing it)
Straight Pins

Ruffle Wreath1

Step 1: Cut circles out of your felt. Lots and lots of circles. I used a spool of ribbon (about 3 inches wide) as my circular template but you can use anything round to trace circles onto your felt, then just cut away. The larger the circle, the bigger the ruffles. I didn’t want to over cut and waste felt or time so I cut a few circles, pinned a few to my wreath, cut a few more, pinned a few more until it was complete.

Ruffle Wreath2

Step 2: Take a felt circle and fold it in half. Fold it in half once again to form a ruffle.

Ruffle Wreath4

Step 3: Stick a straight pin in at the tip of the ruffle and pin it to the foam wreath.

Ruffle Wreath3
Ruffle Wreath5

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 until your wreath is full of ruffles. Pin ruffles close together so the foam wreath doesn’t show. Only pin ruffles to the front half of the wreath so it will sit flat against the door (plus, no one will see the back). Be warned, this is a bit time consuming (especially if you have OCD tendencies like I do).

Ruffle Wreath6
Ruffle Wreath7

Step 5: Attach a small piece of ribbon to the back with a couple pins to form a hanger.
Ruffle Wreath12
Step 6: Hang and admire!

Felt Ruffle WreathRuffle Wreath8


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