{DIY Tutorial} Hedgehog Moss Terrarium

Terrarium 5

This moss terrarium was one of my first nursery projects while I was still pregnant with Logan. A mama and baby hedgehog, along with a few toadstool mushrooms, adorn the green moss. It is one of my favorite things in Logan’s woodland nursery. It was a super easy and frugal project, kids would have a blast helping out. The best part, especially for someone who doesn’t have a green thumb like myself, is that moss is really difficult to kill. Just a few sprays of water every week and that is the extent of upkeeping a terrarium. Happy terrarium-ing!

Glass Container
Peat Based Soil
Live Moss
Tiny Woodland Creatures

Terrarium 1

Step 1: Place rocks in the glass container. I found my container at a craft store but you can also search yard sales for affordable and unique terrarium containers. I purchased floral pebbles from my local craft store but you could also go rock picking in your own backyard.

Terrarium 2

Step 2: Place a layer of potting soil on top of the rocks. Terrarium expert and etsian, DoodleBirdie, informed me that peat based potting soil will help with any mildew problems. You could also add a layer of activated charcoal to cut down on the musty smell, but for a smaller terrarium this is not necessary.

Terrarium 3

Step 3: Place the live moss on top of the soil. I purchased a baggy of live moss from DoodleBirdie. You could also grow your own moss, but that wasn’t a possibility for me here in the dry hot desert.

Terrarium 4

Step 4: Place little woodland figurines on top of the moss. These toadstool mushrooms and hedgehogs (a mama and baby) were purchased from DoodleBirdie.

Terrarium 7

Step 5: Enjoy your new woodland moss terrarium! Give your terrarium 2-4 sprays of filtered water every week. If you have a terrarium without a lid you might have to spray more often. Oh and don’t overwater, this will kill your moss…but don’t forget to water because this will also kill your moss (I speak from non-green thumb experience).
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