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Up until about 6 months, when Logan became a super soaker, nighttime cloth diapering was a breeze. I’d double stuff a pocket diaper with microfiber inserts and Logan would be set for the night. Those leak-free nights didn’t last long and after almost switching to disposables for nighttime, I found Artsy Fartsy Foo Foo hemp inserts (stick around for the giveaway later today). Love them. I stick 2 hemp inserts in a pocket diaper along with a microfiber insert (yup, triple stuffed) and top it with a wool cover and we are leak proof for the night. Sustainablebabyish fitteds paired with a Wild Child Woolies cover also work well for us. There are so many options out there and it really is a matter of finding the option that works best for you. After too many middle of the night sheet and pajama changes, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found what works for us. I’ve asked Maria, a cloth diapering blogger, to share her nighttime cloth diapering experience with us. Thanks for your advice Maria!

Nighttime Cloth Diapering
Maria of Change-Diapers.com

Maria is Mom to a 6 year old and a 22 month old. She has been cloth diapering for 18 months. She writes at Change-Diapers.com.

Nighttime diapering was one of the biggest hurdles for me in my cloth diapering journey (along with detergent and wash-routine!) I’ve had to tweak my solution a bit here and there as my son’s age and sleeping habits have changed, but I definitely have things down pat now.

My son was 4 months old when I started cloth diapering, so he was not regularly sleeping “through the night.” He still nursed quite a bit through the night, but we got to the point that we couldn’t necessarily change his diaper each and every time, lest we wake him and have to start the routine all over again! He also started to sleep longer stretches, so the diapers that got us through 2 1/2 hours during the day weren’t going to cut it at night, even if we woke him each time.

The first thing I tried was adding doublers, then extra inserts, then extra inserts and doublers to his pocket diapers. The absorbency still wasn’t always enough, and he looked like he had a mattress between his legs! When he started rolling onto his side at night, the over-stuffing and resultant leg gap meant that the moisture rolled right out of the diaper, without being absorbed.

I did a lot of research and asking around, and it seemed that what worked for people really varied, based on their baby’s age, sleeping and wetting habits. What I heard most often was: Pocket diapers with heavy duty Windpro Fleece outers, Fitteds with wool covers and natural fiber inserts in a pocket diaper. I was pretty desperate, so I decided to try a little bit of everything! I knew it was going to be an expensive experiment, but I just had to find something that would keep him dry all night. I also figured whatever the “answer” cost, it would pay for itself pretty quickly!

dypes by dixon fleece diaper

The Dypes by Dixon Sweet Slumber Pocket Diaper has a heavy duty fleece outer. This is especially nice because it is more breathable than PUL. This is still in my regular night time diaper rotation.

superdo insert

I stuff any pocket diapers I use at night with a Knickernappies Superdo Insert The inserts are rather expensive at $12.95 each, but they were my savior! They are hemp sandwiched between microfiber (to absorb quickly, then lock moisture in the center) and they are far more absorbent than two microfiber inserts.

superdo loopydo bumgenius inserts

They are also much thinner than multiple microfiber inserts. Above are the superdo, loopydo and Bumgenius inserts for comparison. Now, we could really use a super-duper-do insert, so I do tuck a doubler in the middle as well. Some days the insert is completely soaked, but I don’t have leaks unless I didn’t put the diaper on him right!

superdo in diaper

A superdo will definitely make your baby bootylicious, but they are downright trim for the amount of absorbency!

guerilla fluff utilitarian

I was pretty desperate for a solution to my night time diapering woes, so while I was waiting for my superdo inserts and Dypes by Dixon diaper to arrive, I was on the hunt for the most absorbent fitted I could find. That hunt led me to the Guerilla Fluff utilitarian. My utilitarian has: two soakers each made of 3 layers of bamboo fleece, added Zorb and a precision doubler (made of 2 layers of bamboo fleece and 1 layer of wool.) This was the most absorbency I was able to find in a fitted! Of course, the added benefit of fitteds is that the entire diaper is absorbent!

guerilla fluff

At the time, there was no option to add snaps to the utilitarians, so I had my first Snappi experience as well!

kissaluvs wool

Fitted diapers are of course, not waterproof, so you need a cover. I first tried a Kissaluvs Kissa’s Wool Lover Diaper Cover. At first I was afraid of wool (I know I’m not the only one-I’m looking at you!) but I was quickly hooked. Wool is far easier to take care of than I thought! The Kissaluvs cover wasn’t quite thick enough for night time use, so I ended up buying a Mobums Night Night Wool Interlock Soaker.

mobums wool soaker

That was the ticket for us! It works wonderfully, fits well, and looks adorable to boot.

During that first winter of nighttime diapering, I also used fleece pants over the whole shebang for good measure!

fleece pants

He may have looked a little bit like the Michelin man, but he was dry!

Night time diapering is really a trial and error situation until you find what works for you. Some people prefer to use disposable diapers at night, and I think that’s fine (I’m not the diaper police, hee hee.) That wasn’t an option for us because of the rashes my son got from disposables (that’s what finally pushed me to switch to cloth!)

What works for you at night, or are you still figuring it out?

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