{DIY Tutorial} Lavender Bath Salts

Bath Salts 1

You will never buy bath salts again after you discover just how easy they are to DIY. You mix a few ingredients together and walla, a homemade batch of bath salts ready to soak in. There is honestly no real science when it comes to bath salts, you just add a pinch of this and a few drops of that. Don’t worry, I’ll give you an actual recipe (that I tested out on myself). This is a tutorial after all, but feel free to change it up and let me know what you come up with!

Epsom Salt
Baking Soda
Fragrance Oil (for soap)
Soap Coloring
Mixing Bowl & Spoon
Jar or Container

Bath Salts 2

Step 1: Mix together 2 cups of Epsom Salt and 2 cups of Baking Soda in a mixing bowl. You can also add in a cup or so of Sea Salt, I opted not to.

Bath Salts 3

Step 2: Add 10 drops of your fragrance of choice, I used lavender. You can find fragrance oil in the soap making aisle at any craft store. Make sure the fragrance oil is specifically for soaps, so it will be skin friendly.

Bath Salts 4

Step 3: Add 10 drops of your color of choice, I used purple (to go with the lavender theme). You can find soap coloring in the soap making aisle at any craft store. Make sure the coloring is specifically for soaps, so it will be skin friendly.

Bath Salts 5

Step 4: Mix. You can then decide if you want a stronger fragrance or a brighter color, add more drops of each if you do.

Bath Salts 6

Step 5: Place bath salts in a jar or container. I found this awesome jar that includes a scoop at Hobby Lobby. I plan on mixing in dried lavender buds to my next batch. Sooo easy right? I think I know what everyone is getting for Christmas this year…

Bath Salts 7

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    in my sons grade school then jr high i went to the rfhitt store, buy christmas coffee mugs(all diff) .49c here. bleach and wash well. add a pkg of hot choc. melt choc chips in micro and dip in a heavy plastic spoon, while still soft, press mini marshmellows onto the spoon, place on wax paper and fridge to harden. wrap the spoon in clear plastic like scran wrap, tie with red/green ribbon and gift tag (i make my own with my sons school photo on them). place in cup mellow side up and put in a candy cane. put all this in a clear celo gift bag, tie again with twisty or ribbon. mint hot choc all the teachers in both schools LOVED these. i think the whole thing priced out was under 1.50 each, i think i made 30 that yr, for teachers and staff. you can write on the bottom of the cup w/ a black sharpie Happy Holiday from name’ 2005-2006

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