{How-To} Sock Monkey Cake Pops


I’ve received a couple emails asking how I made the sock monkey cake pops for Logan’s party. Well, I followed my own tutorial to make the actual cake pops. My awesome mom rolled all of the monkey cake balls the night before the party and we stuck them in the freezer overnight. I think the hardest party about making cake pops is trying to get the balls all a consistent size. You can use a small ice cream or melon scooper for consistency, you will still have to roll them between the palms of your hands to get them nice and round.

I really should have just sucked up some coffee and cranked out some monkeys the night before the party, but I apparently like decorating balls of cake on a stick an hour before our guests arrive (while my hair and makeup still needed to be done). After your balls are ready and you’ve either refrigerated or froze them for a bit, it is time to start decorating. I wish I could claim the sock monkey cake pop as my own idea, but the credit goes to Sewell Photography. So creative!

These suckers (pun intended) are pretty time consuming, so that would be why some of them look a little grumpy. You literally have to sit there and hold the Twizzlers pull and peel mouth until it dries to get them to smile. It would have been easier to draw on a smile using red icing. My brilliant dad gave me the idea to use hot tamales for the little balls on top of the heads instead of Twizzlers, which I wasn’t a fan of at that point. The eyes are large purple ball sprinkles and the ears are chocolate covered raisins. The white mouth and headpiece are chocolate melting pieces, the same kind you use to dip the cake pops in.

I recommend having all of your accessories laid out and ready to go. You can create an assembly line if you have helpers – one person can dip, another person can decorate and the last person can hold the smile in place (if you use those dreadful Twizzlers). You have to go pretty quickly before your cake pops thaw or the chocolate dries. These monkeys are fun to make…just don’t attempt to do it last minute.

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  1. Lawanda says

    hello, hope all is well but i just wanted to know how do you make the sock monkey cake pops, My son is having his first bday party and his theme is sock monkey. I would love to make then for his party.

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