{DIY Tutorial} BOO Stacked Pumpkins

Boo Pumpkins 14Boo Pumpkins 13

The weather is finally out of the triple digits and that could only mean one thing, Halloween is almost here! Last year I felt up some pumpkins…errr, added felt to pumpkins. This year I decided to stack ‘em. Nothing scary about these pumpkins, they are actually a bit on the cutesy side…just how I like my Halloween. Who ever said that Halloween decor required zombies and skulls? Although, I did manage to glitter up some mini skulls for my entryway this year. Maybe I’ll find a zombie to glitter up too.

3 Artificial Pumpkins (or you could also try this with real pumpkins)
Modge Podge Glue (Sealer is optional)
Paint Brush or Sponge (for Modge Podge)
Cricut Machine (or scissors and letter stencils)
Carving Knife
Scrapbook Paper
Felt (a small 1.5×11 inch strip will do)
Hot Glue (or other adhesive)

Boo Pumpkins 2

Step 1: Cut small holes in the bottom of 2 pumpkins, just big enough for the stem to fit through.

Boo Pumpkins 3

Step 2: Stack the pumpkins, adding a big glob of hot glue (or other adhesive) in between each layer. You will have to hold your pumpkins in place for a few seconds after hot gluing, so they don’t come apart. The pumpkin without the hole goes on the bottom.

Boo Pumpkins 4Boo Pumpkins 5

Step 3: Use a cricut machine or stencils/scissors to cut out B-O-O letters.

Boo Pumpkins 1
Boo Pumpkins 6

Step 4: Mod podge the B-O-O letters to the pumpkins, B on top and the O’s following. I sprayed Modge Podge Sealer over the letters once modge podged, this is optional.

Boo Pumpkins 7

Step 5: Make a felt bow, following the felt bow tutorial found on The Crafty Nest. Hot glue the bow to the top of the pumpkin.

Boo Pumpkins 8
Boo Pumpkins 9
Boo Pumpkins 10

Step 6: Place outside your front door. Enjoy your new pumpkin trio!

Boo Pumpkins 12Boo Pumpkins 11

If you follow this tutorial, add a picture to The Crafty Nest Flickr Group!

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