(diy tutorial) lucky chocolate covered oreos + free printable

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St. Patricks Day Oreos
The Oreo Pops I made for Valentine’s Day were such a hit, I thought I’d do a St. Patrick’s Day spin on them. Since Logan was around 3 months old, we’ve been attending Gymboree. He loves his teachers and his little friends that he’s met there. I love that it wears him out and he usually gets in a good nap on our Gymbo days! So, we decided to give these lucky chocolate covered Oreos to his Gymbo instructors, who we’re very lucky to know! Make up a batch of these for your kiddo’s teacher for St. Patty’s Day, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it! By the way, can you believe that tomorrow is already March? Where did February go?!


Oreos (I used Mint Oreos)
White, Dark Chocolate & Green Candy Melts (I used the Wilton brand)
Melting/Decorating Squeeze Bottles
Parchment Paper
To give as a gift you’ll need: Small clear bags, cupcake wrappers, printer/paper, hole puncher, scissors and hemp or ribbon.

Step 1: Place 1/2 bag of the white candy melts in a microwaveable mixing bowl and 1/2 bag of the chocolate candy melts in a separate bowl. Melt according to package. I recommend melting in 30 second increments and mixing in between until all chips are melted.

Step 2: Dip half of the bag of Oreos in the white candy melts and the other half in the chocolate candy melts. I recommend using a fork and gently tapping off the excess chocolate before placing on parchment paper to dry.

Step 3: Once the chocolate covered Oreos are dry, fill up the squeeze bottle halfway full of green candy melts. Place the bottle in a bowl of hot water, while periodically squeezing the bottle to help the candy melts melt. Draw zig zag lines on the oreos with the squeeze bottle and allow the green to dry.

Step 4: Print out the I’m So Lucky To Know You tags. Cut out the tags and punch a hole at the top of each tag.

So Lucky to Know You

Step 5: Place 3 or 4 chocolate covered oreos in a cupcake liner, place inside of a clear bag and tie with hemp or ribbon. Don’t forget to add a tag!

I’m linking up this project here.

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32 Responses

      1. What type of chocolate did you use? I didn’t have a peorlbm w/ the candy melts, they work so much better! I’m planning on trying this one today. But I’m using almond bark instead sooo we shall see!

  1. I love this project. I hope you will stop by and link up to my St. Patty’s Day Project Parade.

    1. They are the lucky ones to know you but I’m sure they will love them! Blog about them and send me the link and I’ll add you to my reader gallery!

  2. These are delicious we (self & hubby) they had to be hidden , harder to get at. Hubby decorated, Im laughing thinking of 87 yrs. yes!! he is so cute. Thanks for all you share. LUV

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