(buff mama monday) i survived week 1

Week 1 of boot camp is complete and I’m still alive. Barely. I can’t lift my arms without cringing in pain and I feel like my abs have been repeatedly punched by Mike Tyson. I’m rocking the oh so lovely icy hot scent at the moment. I’ve worked out with a trainer before to the point where I wanted to puke but I can tell you that it didn’t even compare to this. Holy hell, the workouts are intense. On Saturday, we did circuit training but it was like circuit training on steroids. We were jumping in and out of tires and running up and down hills. We were doing planks and push ups. Our break was doing jumping jacks while the instructor talked to us. I honestly wanted to run down the hill and never come back, but I stuck it out. Somehow, I survived.

My boot camp group consists of 15 mamas and every Wednesday and Saturday we get our butts kicked by our instructor. The rest of the week we need to be working out twice a day by ourselves, with one day off. We have to log our food intake, which is easy for me because I’ve been doing that with Nutrisystem. We’re also encouraged to regularly check in on the chat board that’s set up for our group, which has been very motivating for me. The instructor took our measurements and before photos last Wednesday, so we’ll see what my body can do in 8 weeks.

I’ve been keeping up with my workouts and eating really well this week. Unfortunately, my scale didn’t show it and is stuck at a 20lb weight loss. I know, I could be building muscle and all that jazz..but I really wanted to see it move this week. I honestly might have gained weight at the beginning of last week because I totally splurged and cheated before my 8 weeks of hell started. We’ll see what my weight loss is according to the scale at bootcamp on Wednesday. I’m trying to remind myself that while it would be nice to lose weight, that my ultimate goal is a healthy lifestyle change and to be a good example for Logan. I think I’m doing something right when my kiddo runs to the yoga mat next to me happy to exercise.

Oh and did I mention that I signed up for my first 5k? Yeah, I’m pretty much nuts at this point. I’ve never actually ran 5k in my life, so how I think I’m going to do it in an actual race is beyond me. I signed up for the LoziLu Women’s Mud Run (see a photo of the course above), which in addition to running will include obstacle courses along the way. Oh boy. Clearly, the fumes from the icy hot are making me do crazy things.

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  1. says

    Awesome! I ran my 1st 5K in October and am now up to 9.2 miles. For someone who has never been a “runner” that is
    A feat I am proud of! My knees on the other hand are a little painful. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Annie says

    Oh my gosh! I’m so proud of you for getting through the first week and signing up for a race. Mud runs are so much fun, too. I would suggest giving yourself about a week of recoup time between your bootcamp and the run, however, so as not to strain anything, but remember the goal of your first run is to finish, not to finish with some 7 minute mile splits.

    • Vanessa says

      Thanks Anne! My goal is totally just to survive and finish lol! The good thing about this race is that they don’t time you, so it’s purely for fitness.


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