(diy tutorial) reusable felt gift bow

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Even when I give a store bought gift for someone, I still like to add a little handmade touch to the gift. An easy way to jazz up a gift bag or wrapping paper is to add a reusable felt bow to it. Glue the bow to an alligator clip and the recipient can wear the felt bow as a hair accessory. These particular bows went to Logan’s little neighborhood pals, who just celebrated their 1st and 3rd birthdays. Their mama is pretty crafty herself, she’s the creative director for Petal Wishes. If you are getting married or know someone who’s getting married, you will love this company’s rehearsal bouquets!

Alligator Clip (you can buy them covered or cover them with ribbon yourself)
Glue Gun
Rotary Cutter/Cutting Mat (optional)


Step 1: Cut a 3 x 11 inch strip of felt.
Step 2: Fold strip of fabric in half lengthwise and cut slits in it.
Step 3: Keeping the felt strip still folded, roll from one end to the other.
Step 4: Cut a felt circle, around the size of the bottom of the flower. Add a heap of hot glue to the circle and attach to the bottom of the flower.

Step 5: Cut another circle (same size as the last) and place it in between the alligator clip. Add a heap of hot glue to the bottom of the circle/alligator clip and attach to the other circle you just glued to the bottom of the flower.

Step 6: Clip the felt bow on top of a wrapped present or on a gift bag. The receiver can wear her new hair clip or reuse it on another present.
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