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Project Play Smart

Have you guys heard about Project Play Smart yet? It’s a members only daily deal kind of website, but specifically for educational toys. Project Play Smart comes out with deals on a new batch of toys every Monday. The toys are broken down into age categories, from birth to 11 years old. All of the toys featured are geared towards learning, which I absolutely love.

Logan is almost 2 and it’s been challenging finding toys that hold his attention and that he wants to play with over and over. Project Play Smart recently gave me a $30 gift certificate and I’ve been stalking keeping an eye on their site for the past few weeks, in hopes of finding the perfect toy for my I-would-rather-play-with-cat-food-and-trash toddler.

And then I found it, in the 12-24 month age category, the tobbles balancing toy. Logan’s really into stacking and fitting puzzles together, so I had high hopes for this toy and it didn’t disappoint. Logan sat at his little table, stacking and unstacking and figuring out which piece should go next without making the whole thing fall. I loved seeing the wheels in his little head turning. Hours of fun!

I had never heard or seen of this “tobbles” toy before, which is exactly why I love Project Play Smart so much. I’m introduced to new toys that I may not know about otherwise – and that will keep my tot occupied and out of the cat food for a few minutes! I just took a peak at the new toy deals for the week and there are some fun ones. Logan would go crazy over the peel n play toy food and someone’s birthday is coming up…

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  1. Kimberly says

    Right now, my daughter loves her Sophie the Giraffe. I really didn’t want to buy into the hype because I thought it was just a fancy rubber dog toy, but it’s the perfect size for her to grab onto and it has a lot of edges to explore.

  2. Bethany Schad says

    Lincoln’s favorite toy right now is his train table and thomas trains! He can’t get enough!!

  3. Elisha F says

    Current favorite – her stuffed Mickey from Walt Disney World. We had to convince her that Mickey didn’t need a bath – the only way we could get her in the tub tonight!

  4. says

    B is really into anything that rolls or can be thrown. He’s still working on stacking, but his blocks usually become projectiles after a few minutes.

  5. gina says

    I am always looking for new educational toys and websites! Thanks for the posting and even a giveaway! So fun, can’t wait to start shopping soon!! :)

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