Craft: Fabric Flower Embellished Shirt

Today’s Crafting On A Dime tutorial is brought to you by Christa of c. jane create. She was one of my roomies for the blog conference I attended last month and she’s an absolute sweetheart. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate and I’m currently on a mission to convince her to attend Blissdom next year with me. She’s showing us how to pretty up a boring t-shirt. This project costs less than 10 bucks to make and is absolutely adorable! If only my poor Singer wasn’t dying, I’d totally make this. Must get a new sewing machine STAT! I’ll turn my blog over to Christa now.
Hello! My name is Christa and I’m so excited that Vanessa is sharing her crafty space with me today. :) You’ll normally find me over at c. jane create blogging about my crafts, sewing projects, recipes and every day life. I live with my fianc’e and three cats in Columbia, Missouri where I work as a graphic designer.

Today I am going to show you a fun way to embellish a plain t-shirt. Since I pretty much sit at a desk all day, my ‘uniform’ has basically become jeans with a v-neck tee. I’ve been attempting to buy different {read: cuter} tops, but I always end up going back to my beloved v-necks. So I decided to jazz up my uniform by adding some embellishment. I always have lots of fabric on hand, especially scraps, so I decided to add a fabric flower to my basic v-neck.

Plain t-shirt ($7.50)
Fabric (less than 1/4 of a yard) (~$2.00)

Total Project Cost: $9.50


Step 1: Decide how you want to embellish your shirt and select your fabric. I wanted to keep it fairly flat, so I decided to make a flower with some leaves, so I cut some wavy flower and leaf shapes out of my two different fabrics. I used almost an entire six-inch square for the flower portion and a two by four inch piece for the leaves.

I wanted my edges to fray, so I left the fabric alone. If you want the edges to stay crisp, you can apply some fray check after cutting out your shapes.



Step 2: Arrange your embellishment on your shirt. You might want to put your shirt on to see where the placement looks best.


Step 3: Start sewing on your pieces, starting with the bottom layer and working your way up. I stitched around each piece twice, using a fun color thread because I wanted the stitching to stand out.


Step 4: Continue sewing until all layers have been attached to your shirt.

Step 5: Put on your new embellished t-shirt and wear it proudly!
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I'm Vanessa and it's my mission in life to spread my love of hot glue guns and glitter to others. I suffer from craft ADHD, regularly working on at least 10 projects at the same time and my craft room looks like a tornado hit it. My first craft book, Party in a Jar, was published in 2014. I look forward to crafting with you!


  1. pattyskypantss says

    Vanessa, looks like this project could easily be accomplished by hand using silk thread or embroidery floss.
    Try it!

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