(diy tutorial) father’s day photo pop magnets

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We started the wooden POP pictures tradition last year, when Logan was much more willing to sit still and smile for the camera. This year was a bit more challenging trying to get a toddler to sit still long enough to snap these pics, but we couldn’t break our Father’s Day tradition. Last year, I placed the photos in a trifold frame for my hubby’s desk. This year I decided to turn them into magnets that he could put on his metal cabinets in his office. Logan calls his dad “POP”, but you could make these magnets using “DAD” if you prefer.

P & O Wooden Letters
2 – 5×8 Magnetic Adhesive Sheets
Cute Kiddo
Step 1: Take a photo of your child holding the wooden P & O letters. Make sure to take two photos with the P. I used a seamless background to take my photos, but it isn’t necessary. Print out 3 – 4×6 photos of your child holding the P, O & P.
Step 2: Stick your photos to the magnetic adhesive sheets. If you trim a little off the top and bottom of the photos, you should be able to fit two photos per adhesive sheet.
Step 3: Cut around the silhouette of the child and letters, leaving 3 separate magnets.
Step 4: Give magnets to pop for Father’s Day. He can place them in his office or on the refrigerator.
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  1. I’ve been trying to find ideas for Father’s Day… and this seems perfect! My husband has so many metal filing cabinets in his office, that photo magnets are a great idea. Thanks so much!!

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