(20 crafty days of halloween) no-sew care bear costumes

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Those would be my neighbors dressed up as Care Bears. Yes, I realize that I have the coolest neighbors ever. My good pal Share Bear, aka Nicole of Petal Wishes, called me up one day and explained that her oldest daughter wanted the family to be Care Bears for Halloween. She was going to attempt to make costumes and asked if I wanted to help. Um yeah! Not only was I going to help, I was going to put it on my blog for the world to see (even if Grumpy Bear protested). After a late night of delirious crafting and more last minute touches by Nicole, the costumes were finished and they are epic!

These costumes would have been fairly easy to complete had we known what the heck we were doing. We had to figure out how to create these babies from scratch and it was all trial and error. Luckily for you, we documented how to make these costumes along the way. I’ll be showing you how to specifically make the Sunshine Bear costume. You will be able to easily figure out how to make the other costumes from this tutorial. Not only do we have a costume tutorial for you, we also have a cloud wagon how-to for you as well. This might just be my most favorite post to write ever! If any of you decide to recreate these, you must send pictures!

Yellow Felt
White Felt
Red Felt
Yellow or White Sweatshirt/Pants & Yellow Rit Liquid Dye
1 White Pipe Cleaner
Yellow Yarn
Orange Puff Paint
No-Sew Permanent Fabric Glue


Step 1: If you can’t find a yellow sweatshirt and pants, buy a white sweatsuit and dye it (Nicole found her white sweatsuits at JiffyShirts.com). Fill a large bucket or sink with hot water and mix in a bottle of Rit liquid dye. If you use the powder dye, make sure to mix well before adding clothing to the water. Place sweatshirt and pants in the water and mix every 10 minutes for approximately 30 minutes or until you get your desired color (remember that once washed and dry the color will be a few shades lighter). You may want to place dish or latex gloves on before handling dyed clothing. Ring out the sweatsuit and rinse thoroughly. Place in the washer and do a rinse cycle, wash cycle and hang to dry.

Step 2: Measure the width of the sweatshirt and cut a white felt circle a few inches smaller than the sweatshirt. Cut a yellow felt circle several inches smaller than the first circle. We used 2 different sized bowls as our circle stencils. Glue the yellow circle in the center of the white circle using no-sew fabric glue.

Step 3: Outline the yellow circle with orange puff paint. Draw rays and a sun face using orange puff paint. Once dry, glue to the front of the sweatshirt.

Step 4: Cut 4 ear shapes with tabs at the bottom out of yellow felt, as shown below. Cut 2 smaller white inner-ear shapes with tabs at the bottom out of white felt, as shown below. It’s helpful to first make a template out of cardstock, especially if you are making multiple costumes. Cut a pipe cleaner to fit inside each ear, making sure that it doesn’t poke out of the tab part. Sandwich the pipecleaner in between 2 yellow ear shapes, using no-sew fabric glue to glue the pieces in place. Glue white inner-ear shapes to the front of each ear. Make sure not to glue the tabs together.

Step 5: Cut 2 slits, slightly smaller than the length of the ears, on each side of the hoodie part of the sweatshirt. It might be helpful to first try the hoodie on the person it’s intended for and make marks where the slits go, using a fabric pencil. Place ears inside slits, separating and gluing down tabs in the inside. For extra reinforcement, cut 2 small squares of yellow felt and glue down over tabs.

Step 6: Make a large pom pom out of yellow yarn and use no-sew fabric glue to attach to the back of the sweatshirt or pants as a tail. Cut a small red heart out of felt and glue to the side of the pom pom tail.

Care Bear Cloud Wagon Instructions: Cut 2 large foam core boards into cloud shapes. Glue chunks polyfill to the front of each cloud shape. Use 3m adhesive or duct tape to attach clouds to each side of the wagon.

Now prepare yourself for some major cuteness overload…

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  1. Stephanie says:

    This is so stinkin’ cute! I love the wagon. I wish my oldest would do along with this! (He’s a boy. :/ ) Using the premade hoodies is genius. My kids are always having to wear turtlenecks under their costumes here in PA because it’s chilly when Halloween rolls around.
    Stephanie recently posted..It’s Gotcha Day!My Profile

    • Vanessa says:

      I know! I wish my son would do this too…he has his mind made up that we’re going to be dinosaurs this year.

  2. NanaLady says:

    The Cutest Ever!!!!!

  3. Becky says:

    what an amazingly adorable idea!!!!!

  4. OMG! This is seriously the best thing EVER! Love it! And what a man to not be ashamed to wear a Care Bear costume!
    Rocky Mountain Mama recently posted..Traveling Must HavesMy Profile

  5. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing it with me. Would you mind if I included a photo with the link on my round-up?
    Bethany @ No Twiddle Twaddle recently posted..The Children’s BookshelfMy Profile

  6. Rich says:

    These came out awesome, Vanessa! Great work to you, Nicole and her cool family :-)

  7. Oh my word these are way too cute! You are awesome!
    Allison @ All for the Boys recently posted..Candlelit Dinner Date!My Profile

  8. These are so stinkin cute! You are awesome!
    Allison @ All for the Boys recently posted..Candlelit Dinner Date!My Profile

  9. Johnny says:

    No joking, a few of my friends and I were Care Bears one year for Halloween in college (granted, they were alcohol-themed Care Bears). Your costumes look much better though; ours were made out of whatever we could find last minute at the local thrift shop!
    Johnny recently posted..Q3 2012 Credit Card Landscape ReportMy Profile

  10. Kami says:

    HOLY MOLY!! I am totally copying this idea, I am dying right now over how stinkin’ cute it is! Thanks so much for sharing! I am stopping over from eighteen25’s Halloween party. I am your newest follower and love your blog! :) I am soooo excited I finally found my costume, yay! (my hubby may not be so thrilled though!)

  11. Wow, this is so amazingly cute! I love that “daddy” is in the mix too, what a sport. My husband dressed as Darth Vader one year, but I think that’s the extent I could get him to go. Great series, Vanessa! Can’t wait to see what’s next on 20 crafty days.
    Kelly Griglione recently posted..Mr. and Mrs. Wedding CardMy Profile

  12. this is adorable! i love family costumes!
    the cape on the corner recently posted..Holla’ at the Dolla’-Fall StyleMy Profile

  13. Britni says:

    This has to be the greatest idea ever! I LOVE it! And that dad is just awesome. I’m featuring it at the party this week, I’m so happy you stopped by to link up! :)
    Britni recently posted..Throwback Thursday No. 14My Profile

  14. This is too cute! I love that you even added the little hearts! Adorable! I am hosting a Halloween Costume Contest on my blog and would love for you to enter! Grand prize is worth over $125!


    Hope to see you there!
    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. recently posted..Handmade Halloween Costume Party & Contest LinkyMy Profile

  15. Too cute! My daughter would LOVE it if we did this :)

    I featured your costumes on my blog today, come by and check it out: http://www.artsyfartsymama.com/2012/10/pinteresting-features-n-shtuff-53.html
    Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama recently posted..Pinteresting Features n’ Shtuff #53My Profile

  16. John says:

    Thanks for the great write-up! I just wanted to let you know that we are “stealing” your idea for this Halloween. We bought real Care Bear costume for our two daughters, but were unable to find anything for adults, so this will work out perfectly. My daughter wants me to be Funshine, but I’m not sure I can handle all of that yellow! :)

  17. Jenny says:

    So cute! I made my sister a Care Bears costume a few years ago. It was easy to make and so cute.
    Jenny recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  18. Adrienne W. says:

    I love this costume. So creative. I would love for you to link it up to Masquerade Ball costume contest. It ends tomorrow. Hope to see you there.


  19. Felt So Cute says:

    ADORABLE!!! Love the trick for poking the ears through the hood. Very clever.


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