30 busy bag swap ideas (part 1)

I hosted a Busy Bag Swap party over the weekend and I thought I’d share the awesome activities that were swapped. Here’s the first set. Stay tuned for a full party recap and the remaining busy bag swap activities.

Busy Bag Swap Activities Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

1.  Sara made pipe cleaner shape busy bags. Toddlers can use the pipe cleaners to trace the lines on the shape printouts. For younger children, parents can create the shapes for them and have them match the pipe cleaner shape to the paper shape. Sara’s instructions also stated that parents could make another set of shapes or even letters and numbers on the back of each card for older children.

2. Emily made paint chips color matching busy bags. She got the idea from Rookie Moms. Toddlers match the colors on the clothespins to the colors on the paint chips.

3. Kelly made dyed pasta color sorting activity bags, found over at Intrepid Murmurings. Toddlers can sort the different colored pasta into separate cups.

4. Nicole made pipe cleaner and bead color matching busy bags. Toddlers can match and string the beads to the coordinating pipe cleaner, as marked by the colored flags.

5. Jaime created felt pizzas, using Play Create Explore’s tutorial. Toddlers can use the felt pieces to make their own pretend pizza.

6. Stephanie made felt color matching popsicle busy bags. I’ve seen many variations of this activity, including this one over at Planet of the Apels. The kiddos match the felt popsicle sleeves to the matching color words on the sticks.

7. Becky made a feed the frog pom poms activity. Using a bowl with a paper frog lid, kids can push the pom poms through the little hole in the frog’s mouth. Parents of older kids can call out specific colors during this activity.

8. Holly made a clothespin spelling activity, which can be found at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. Children can match the letter on the clothespin to the letter on the card to form words.

9. Amy made these worm pick up busy bags. Her instructions for the activity stated to place pieces of pipe cleaner on the felt “grass” and to have the “bird” clothespin pick them up.

10. Jamie made a popsicle stick memory game, similiar to Eat Drink Chic. Place these paper popsicle sticks face down so the solid color is showing and have your child turn over one stick at a time, attempting to match the patterns.

A huge thank you to our Busy Bag Swap Party sponsors:

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