(tot school tuesday) dino tracks activity

Logan is all about dinosaurs, so I knew this activity would be a winner. This week we checked out dinosaur related books from the library and played this fun dinosaur tracks game. I taped numbered dino footprints all over the living room and he had a blast hopping from one set to the next, while identifying numbers and colors. Any activity that gets my 2 year old up and moving is usually a hit. We kept the dino tracks taped to the living room floor all day and Logan continuously went back to them, counting and identifying colors without any assistance.

Activity: Dino Tracks

(learning objective: counting, identifying numbers, identifying colors, language development)



Dino Footprint Stencil or Silhouette/Cricut Graphic

Double Sided Tape

Black Marker


Cut 10 pairs of dinosaur tracks out of different colored cardstock. If you have a Silhouette or Cricut, you can use these machines for cutting. If not, you can look for a free stencil online and cut them out yourself. With a marker, number each pair of tracks 1-10. Tape the pairs close together on the floor, ordering the tracks from 1-10. Have your child stand on each pair of tracks as he counts and identifies colors. You can also call out a number or color and have him hop on the correct pair of tracks. Dinosaur sounds encouraged.

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