(recipe) independence day cranberry pop rocks mocktail

Add a little sparkle to your Independence Day festivities this year with this cranberry Pop Rocks mocktail! This one is especially for my fellow pregnant ladies who might not be able to fully partake in more grown up beverages. It’s a refreshing summery recipe and the Pop Rocks add a fun firework-esque element to the drink. Definitely one of my new favorites and something I’ll continue to make sans baby bump. My hubby, aka my picky recipe guinea pig, gave this one 2 thumbs ups and poured himself a second glass full of this concoction. That’s a good sign that you’ll love it too. Don’t forget to make red, white & blue chocolate fruit cones to go along with your mocktails.


Cranberry Juice

Pellegrino Sparkling Water

Red Pop Rocks


Tulle Pom Pom Stirs


Pour little bit of honey on a plate and dip your glass in it, lightly coating the rim. Dip the glass into a plate full of red Pop Rocks. Pour 1 part Pellegrino and 3 parts cranberry juice into the cut. Add a tulle pom pom stir, mix and enjoy!

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