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I was in charge of Logan’s preschool Valentine’s Day party a couple weeks ago, but it was a bit of a challenge with 30ish kids in his Montessori classroom. That’s a lot of 3 and 4 year olds to entertain in a somewhat organized fashion, but this party planning addict was up for a challenge. Working with a limited budget and only an hour of set up time, I decided on a simple theme that could be recycled and easy to plan around. Rainbow hearts! My handmade rainbow heart garland that I made for my fondue party (yay for recycled party decor) greeted the kiddos at the door. I covered the tables at the school with kraft paper (hello easy cleanup) and threw down a deco mesh table runner (super cheap and cute).

For an hour long prechool party, I recommend filling the time with a craft, an activity and a snack of some sort. In addition to our rainbow heart theme, I incorporated a fun little baking theme into the party. I personalized rainbow aprons (purchased from Amazon) for each preschooler to wear by cutting vinyl letters with my Silhouette Cameo. I decided to just do sticker letters, but if you want a more permanent option you can use iron on vinyl. Once in their aprons, the kiddos got to decorate paper chef hats (also purchased from Amazon) with crayons and heart stickers. They all had so much fun and peeling the backings off of the stickers made for a great fine motor skill workout.

After decorating hats, the kids got to decorate their own heart-shaped sugar cookie with rainbow sprinkles. My mom, who pretty much rocks at baking, found a yummy vegan sugar cookie and frosting recipe to avoid the nut/dairy allergies in the classroom. I prepackaged frosting and sprinkles, along with some conversation hearts (can’t have a V-day party without those) in little tubs to make this a more organized activity and it went better than expected with that many children! The kids loved decorating their own snack and loved eating it even more!

Once the kids finished their snack, we played hot potato with a stuffed Valentine’s Day monkey and the freeze dance game. Oh how I wish I had video of a bunch of preschoolers playing the freeze dance game, so fun! Logan and his friends had a blast and I totally loved party planning for them! He’s already asking what kind of party I’m planning for St. Patrick’s Day. I think I created a party animal lol!

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