(tot school) i-spy sherlock holmes detective sensory bin

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Today’s post is sponsored by Gibbs Smith but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

I’m a huge fan of Gibbs Smith’s BabyLit series. The illustrations are amazing and I love introducing my favorite characters, in a kid appropriate fashion, to my kiddos. We have the Pride and Prejudice BabyLit book and I have to admit that it’s kind of adorable to hear Logan ask to read the Mr. Darcy book. Today, Logan and Amelia were introduced to the wonderful world of Sherlock Holmes. I also created an i-spy sensory bin to go along with the book for my little detectives, perfect for those of you stuck inside for the winter.

You can recreate this i-spy detective sensory bin using dollhouse miniatures, which can be found at most craft stores, or you could even use miniature toys that you already have around your home. You can also use homemade shredded paper or grab a couple bags of gift bag filler from the store. You could also use uncooked rice, pasta, beans or sand if you don’t have shredded paper. You can make this activity as economical as possible by using stuff you find around your home. Save your bin an create a Spring Garden Sensory Bin in preparation for warmer weather.


Sherlock Holmes in The hound of the Baskervilles Book

Shredded Paper Filler

Dollhouse Miniatures (or small toys)

Plastic Bin

Magnifying Glass

Camera & Printer


Step 1: Arrange the miniature objects on a white piece of paper and take a photo of them. Print out the photo using your home printer.

Step 2: Fill the plastic bin with shredded paper. You can make your own shredded paper or buy gift bag filler. Scatter the miniature objects throughout the bin.

Step 3: Give your child a magnifying glass and have them search for the objects pictured on the paper in the bin. You child can place the object on top of the matching photograph on the sheet.

Step 4: Read Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the Baskervilles together.

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