Craft: Kid Friendly 4th of July Sparklers

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by: Jen A. Street for See Vanessa Craft

When I was little I always remember 4th of July being the highlight of summer! There was swimming and BBQ’s and lots of family fun. And once it started to get dark enough it was time to go secure our spot to see the fireworks. Our family usually parked in a parking lot or on the side of the road somewhere near a show and sat on top of our conversion van with popsicles to avoid the large crowds. But before we ooohhhed and ahhhhed over the colorful display, my parents would pull out the little box of sparklers to play with before the big show.

I’ve always loved sparklers, they mesmerize me, I can just stare and stare at them with delight. I wanted to share this fun with my boys. But being that they’re three and four years old I knew that it wasn’t the safest idea to let them hold them by themselves. So I got to crafting and came up with a kid safe sparkler that they could play with while the adults handled the real ones.

To make your own kid safe sparkler you will need paper straws, hot glue, tassel ribbon (you could even try tinsel garland), and ribbon.

First you’ll poke the end strand of the tassel into the opening of the straw.

Next, you’ll secure the tassel ribbon using hot glue.

Then, you’ll wrap the ribbon around until it’s a full as you would like it, securing with hot glue every so often.

Lastly, you’ll add a cute ribbon bow.

The boys had so much fun waving these kid safe sparklers around that they insisted on keeping them so I’ll have to craft up another batch for 4th of July!

Jen is the wife to a videographer named Dallas and a mom to two handsome little guys, Dallas and Griffin, who are only 14 months apart! After a long day at the office she tries to savor every little moment she can with her family. When bed time for the kiddos comes she enjoys planning parties, crafting, watching reality TV, and scrolling Instagram. She blogs about parties, crafts, and life at Jen A. Street. Bio photo credit: Dream Photography Studio

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