(30 crafty days of halloween) witch lollipop craft

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by Aimee of The Elephant of Surprise for See Vanessa Craft

I can’t believe it’s already this time of year again, but I am embracing it! Halloween wasn’t a super big deal to me in earlier years, but since having kids I am gaining lots of enthusiasm for it. It’s really one of the most fun holidays isn’t it? This project was something my little guy got a kick out of. I think they would be fun to give away in little goody bags at a Halloween party, or as a sweet surprise in your kiddo’s lunch box.

To make these little witches, you will need lollipops of your choice, black paper, and twine. Also, a hole punch, scissors, and an adhesive of some kind. There are two parts to the witch: the hat and the cape. We’ll start with the hat.

Step 1: For each witch, you’ll cut two circles of the same size. Whatever size you think fits the lollipop best.
Step 2: Cut one of the circles in half and roll into a cone shape. Tape or glue it together.
Step 3: Using double sided tape, glue dots, or little dots of hot glue, adhere the cone onto the other circle. Now your hat’s done.

For the cape, I cut a piece of paper in half and cut half of a trapezoid shape out. You can kind of tell by my drawing above. Then I used that as a template for the other capes. Hole punch where you’ll stick the stick through. If your lollipop has a thick wrapper, you can make a couple punches close together to make sure it will fit through. Then tie a piece of baker’s twine or other string below the cape to secure it.

Secure the finished hat onto the lollipop with another piece of double sided tape or a glue dot. And enjoy!

Aimee has two energetic little boys, and a husband in dental school. When she’s not making PB&Js or washing scrubs, she loves to throw a pretty party, create things for her kids, and make over spaces in her home (on a starving student budget!). Catch up with her on her blog The Elephant of Surprise.

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