(diy tutorial) step2 wagon pirate ship

I am a Step2 Ambassador and am partnering with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion.

Yo ho ho, our Step2 wagon turned pirate ship is ready to set sail for it’s maiden voyage on Halloween night! Oh this project had many, many, many craft fails along the way. From being drenched by the sprinklers to hot glue gun burns, this was a labor of love for my 4 year old who couldn’t fathom being a pirate without a pirate ship. Once I figured out how to transform a wagon into a ship, you know just a typical day, it was actually a pretty easy project. Luckily, I’m letting you in on my secrets so it’ll only take you a couple hours to complete, minus the glue gun burns. Argh matey!


Step2 Wagon for Two Plus
2 Large Boxes (I got mine from Lowes)
Brown, White, Black Paint
3M Double Sided Adhesive
Blue Tissue Paper
Hot Glue
PVC Pipe
Large Skull Flag (I found mine on Amazon)
Scissors/Box Cutter
6 Mini Push Lights (I found mine at Walmart)
White Duct Tape
Wooden Skull (I found mine at Michaels)

Instructions: Cut the cardboard boxes into a pirate ship shape, making sure that it’ll fit around the wagon, using a box cutter or sharp scissors. Cut a small square indentation out of the box where the handle goes, so the cardboard isn’t covering it. Paint the boxes a solid brown. Once dry, lightly brush or sponge white on top to make it look distressed. Paint black lines on the box to look like wood and blend the colors slightly together using a paint brush.

Once dry, attach the boxes to the Step2 wagon using multiple strips of 3M double sided adhesive, until it feels secure. Make sure that the cardboard lies right above the wheels and isn’t obstructing them from turning and rolling. Hot glue 2 layers of blue tissue paper around the bottom of the pirate ship cardboard and cut strips or fringe into it, as seen in the photo. Hot glue or use 3M tape to attach 3 push lights to each side of the ship. Hot glue the wooden skull, painted white or left natural, to the front of the ship.

Create a T shape out of PVC pipe and hot glue the flag to it by folding the top of the flag over the pipe, as shown in the photo. You may want to either paint or wrap the PVC pipe in white duct tape to make it look cleaner. Cut small slits into the flag and pull to create a torn, weathered look. Stick the PVC pipe into one of the holes in the wagon. Flip the wagon over and create another T shape out of PVC pipe. Duct tape the pipe to the bottom of the wagon. The more duct tape the better in this case.

Grab your pirate and parrot and go trick-or-treating! Don’t forget to turn on your push lights, they make for some really cool portholes!



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