Party: Camping with Kellogg’s Cereal

I set up a delicious Kellogg’s® Cereal Party as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #NiteBites

I invited my best friend’s girls over for some camping fun this week. An INDOOR camping party that is, because this mama doesn’t do bugs. And I like showers. And wild animals scare me. This pink and turquoise glamping party would be the perfect theme for any little girl’s birthday (or even any little boy for that matter!). It was an easy party to pull off, thanks to the Kellogg’s Cereal trail mix bar. The cereal made for a perfect late-night slumber party snack that all of the kids (ahem, and adults) enjoyed. After all, cereal doesn’t have to be only for breakfast and it’s a good alternative to other snacks.

I set up a pink teepee, along with a fuzzy rug and star pillow in the middle of my breakfast nook. Add in a lantern and it’s hours of pretend camping fun for the kids. They piled in the teepee, told scary stories and munched on their Kellog’s Cereal trail mix, that they got to make themselves. They chose from Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Krave and a variety of mix-ins. Krave, a chocolate filled crunchy cereal, was my personal fave.

For a special camping themed treat, I turned Kellogg’s Rice Krispies into owl pops (tutorial coming soon). Cute and delicious! I placed them on a serving platter and sprinkled Fruit Loops around the platter as decoration. You can also fill a jar with Fruit Loops or another Kellogg’s Cereal and place the owl pops in the jar. I love decorating with things I have on hand that can tie the party theme together.

To create a DIY Kellogg’s Cereal Trail Mix Bar, fill various sized jars with cereal. Add scoops and small cups or containers for serving. The kids also enjoyed milk bottles filled with milk, which went well with their cereal! I can’t wait until our next camping adventure…indoors of course!

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