Kid Friendly: Spring Bucket List with Step2

I am a Step2 Ambassador and am partnering with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion. #Step2Kids #Step2Ambassador

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In the market for a new wagon this spring? Step2 will soon be releasing their new Igloo Wagon with Cooler and it rocks! The kids sit on a removable piece that allows for storage UNDER the seats. The storage space fits a soft Igloo cooler, which comes with the wagon, with plenty of room for picnic food and drinks. Genius, I tell you! The wagon wheels handle grass, desert trail and pavement great (we’ve personally tested these terrains) and the shade cover is a must in Arizona! Oh and I can’t rave enough about the 2 cup holders near the handle! We’ve had many wagons and this is by far our favorite for outings with 2 kids.

Igloo Wagon Review 1

The Step2 Igloo Wagon inspired my family to make our SPRING BUCKET LIST! Before the weather hits triple temps around here, we want to do as much outdoor things as possible! For our bucket list, I crafted up a cute chalk paint mason jar and made it shabby chic with some sand paper. We jotted down our spring to do’s on popsicle sticks and placed them inside our cute jar! Our spring bucket list includes activities like: fly a kite, go on a picnic, explore a new park, go to the zoo, find a new trail to hike, pick some wildflowers, make a bird feeder, etc. 

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On weekends, we pull 1-2 sticks from our jar and do what the sticks say. Some weekends I’ll rig which sticks we pull, like if an activity requires more planning, and other weeks we let fate choose. Those spontaneous weekends are by far the best! Our Step2 Igloo Wagon has been the perfect companion for our outings. To make your own chalk painted mason jar and spring bucket list, you’ll need: a mason jar, chalk paint, sand paper, twine, large popsicle sticks and a marker.

Chalk Painted Mason Jar and Spring Bucket List

INSTRUCTIONS: To make a chalk painted mason jar, paint the jar with 2 coats of chalk paint. Go right up to the rim of the jar with paint and allow to dry in between coats. Once fully dry, take a piece of sandpaper and lightly rub over the chalk paint for a rustic look. Don’t forget to go over the lettering on the jar. Wrap a piece of twine around the rim of the jar. Write your spring to do’s on the popsicle sticks and store them in the jar. Pick a popsicle stick out of the jar when your family is looking for something fun to do!

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Don’t forget to take your Step2 Igloo Wagon with you on your spring adventures! You can watch our video review here: 

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