Printable: Hush Little Baby Nursery Decor

Hush Little Baby Free Nursery Printable

Hey y’all! I am back sharing another printable with you! It seems like everywhere I turn another one of my friends has a newborn or is expecting a baby. Giving baby gifts has to be one of my favorite things because there are so many DIY projects that make cute and affordable gifts. Today I’m sharing a nursery printable that I created from a watercolor painting I did. The printable can be printed, framed and then given as a gift or framed and hung in your own child’s nursery.

This printable was inspired by the song Hush Little Baby. As a mom of four I have been singing the lullaby nearly every day since my oldest son was born. My parents sang the lullaby to my siblings and I as we were growing up and one day I’m sure my children will sing it to their children. This printable is near and dear to my heart, I hope you love it too. 

Free Nursery Printable nursery-printable3

The printable PDF file can be found HERE. Open the file and print on your home printer or send it to an office supply store. I sent my file to Office Depot and had them print it on heavy cardstock for a total price of $0.66.

Hush Little Baby Printable

What lullaby do you sing? Enjoy the free printable and if you gift it or use it don’t forget to share a picture with me!

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