Craft: Pool Noodle Boat Racing Game

I crafted up a pool noodle boat racing game with products from Office Depot as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #GearLove

Office Depot Pool Noodle Boat Racing

Keeping the kiddos entertained and not glued to electronics during the summer can be a tough task! Let’s not even mention when they utter the dreaded “I’m bored”. We headed to Office Depot to get un-board and they surprisingly have tons of supplies for a fun summer. From home office to craft supplies, they have it all! We picked up all the supplies we needed for a fun pool noodle boat racing game and built our boats. Logan had a blast racing his boat across the water! After the game was over, we let Amelia join in on the fun and it turned into a fun splash “table”. She loved playing with the pool noodle boats and splashing in the water! 


Pool Noodles
Colorful Tape
Foam Board
Hot Glue Gun
Large Plastic Bin

Office Depot Game5 copy


Step 1: Cut pool noodles into 6 inch sections. Cut those sections in half, as shown below. A pair of sharp scissors will work. 

Office Depot Game6 copy

Step 2: Puncture a whole in the middle of the pool noodles with a pencil and leave the pencil inside.

Office Depot Game7 copy

Step 3: Cut foam board into triangle shapes, as shown below.

Office Depot Game8 copy

Step 4: Cover the foam triangle pieces with colorful tape.

Office Depot Game9

Step 5: Hot glue foam pieces to the pencils in the foam, as shown below.

Office Depot Game10 copy

Step 6: Fill a large plastic bin with water. You can add a few drops of blue food coloring to the water if you’d like.

Office Depot Game11 copy

Step 7: Place noodle boats in the water, lined up on one side and have the kids blow at their boat using a straw. The first boat to the other side wins.

Office Depot Game2 copy Office Depot Game1 copy

Don’t forget to share your fun Office Depot finds on social media using #GearLove. My fellow office supply addicts need to check out this awesome video from Office Depot:

How do you keep your kiddos occupied during the summer?


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