Party: 5 Tie Dye Party Tips for Kids

We planned a Tie Dye party with Tulip One Step Tie Dye Kit as part of a sponsored post for Blueprint Social #TieDyeYourSummer

5 Tie Dye Party Tips for Kids

I’ve always wanted to plan a tie dye party, but I was frightened away by the potential mess. Tulip’s One Step Tie Dye Kit eliminates the mess and makes it easy. With the kit in hand, we invited over a few of my 4 year old’s friends to get colorful with us. If you can believe it, I’m a tie dye rookie and I think I had just as much fun (if not more) than my 4 year old and his friends. I have a few tips for tie dying with kids that will make your party run a little smoother. If you’ve never tie dyed before, you need to try it! It might just be my new favorite craft medium. Now go Tie Dye Your Summer!   

1. Pick up Tulip’s One Step Tie Dye Kit. Aside from the shirts (or whatever you plan on tie dying), it comes with everything you’ll need to tie dye your heart out. It includes gloves, rubber bands, a tie dye instruction guide, 18 different bottle colors and a plastic surface cover. The perfect kit for up to 6 people.

5 Tie Dye Party Tips for Kids

2. Head outside. I recommend tie dying with the kiddos outside. While Tulip’s Tie Dye kits makes for mess free crafting and easy clean up, you won’t have to worry about accidental spills or drips. You may also want to let guests know to come in old clothing, just in case. The mess was minimal for us, but I always like to be prepared.

5 Tie Dye Party Tips for Kids

3. Prepare ahead of time. Older kids can certainly help with the prep, but I did a lot of the prep work ahead of time for my almost 5 year old and his friends. I set up our tie dye station, pre-washed shirts, had the gloves ready to go, placed the plastic cover over the table and rubber banded a few shirts ahead of time in a spiral pattern. I also filled up the tie dye bottles from the kits with water and shook them myself a few minutes before guests arrived. I recommend providing a bin or bucket to tie dye in for each guest, as well as a plastic bag with care instructions. 

5 Tie Dye Party Tips for Kids

4. Do a test run. If you’ve never tie dyed before, you may want to do a test run on a few old shirts pre-party or at least read over the instructions closely. It’s super easy with the kit, but I was more comfortable tie dying with a bunch of 4-5 year olds when I knew what I was doing. Plus, those shirts can serve as a cute backdrop. Set up a clothesline behind your dye station and clothespin your test shirts to the line. You can even use them as party favors and hand them out to your guests after the party for a fun group photo. 

5 Tie Dye Party Tips for Kids

5. Set up a separate food area. You’ll want to keep your dye station and food area separate. You can grab the super cute printables that I used in my party at Tie Dye Your Summer. To make the cute cupcake toppers, download the free printables and cut out the shirts. Hot glue the shirts to paper straws and stick in your cupcakes. Same thing with the drink straws, simply hot glue the printable shirts to the straws.

5 Tie Dye Party Tips for Kids

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