Kid Friendly: Morning Chore Cards for Kids

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Free Printable Chore Cards for Kids

I broke all the parenting rules this summer and we’re completely thrown off our routine. From a not so strict bedtime to lounging around in our pajamas all day, my kids are in need of a serious summer detox. I’ve affectionately labeled the week before school starts: MOMMY BOOTCAMP WEEK. Our schedule comes back out and no more late night Target runs with the kids. It helps the kids slowly adjust back into school routine. And me too. 

I created morning chore cards for my 5 year old and you can print them out too! Simply download the free chore cards, print and cut each of the cards out. I recommend laminating the cards so they last longer. You can hole punch each card and place on a jump ring to keep them all together. When Logan was younger, I’d hand him 2-3 cards at a time to keep him on track in the mornings. It was a lifesaver while trying to get a preschooler out of the house in time for school while caring for a newborn. 



I left a couple of cards blank so you can fill them in with whatever morning chore fits your family. Logan will need to start wearing glasses soon, so “put on glasses” will go in one of our blank boxes. We also do free play in the mornings if all chores are complete, which will go in our second blank box. Watering plants or a garden is another great chore for younger children. I’m hoping these cards will alleviate the micromanaging on my part and the grumbling on my child’s part. 

Don’t worry, we’ll still have our lazy weekends where we call it a win if they kids are still alive. Sometimes parenting rules are meant to be broken. Ice cream is totally considered a dinner food on weekends around here and our house regularly looks like a tornado hit it by Sunday. In fact, I’m joining the Sisterhood of Motherhood and celebrating a guilt free #UniteMonday. Follow the hashtag #UniteMonday and share any parenting rules you might have overlooked over the weekend. No judgement.

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