Halloween: Spider Straw Topper

30 Crafty Days of Halloween

Hello! Hello! It’s Ginger from GingerSnapCrafts.com, & I am so excited to be here today with you & Vanessa! I’m usually blogging over on my blog. So it’s a treat (not a trick!) to be over here. ha! Over on my blog I love sharing fun crafts & DIY projects, recipes & simple kid crafts & party ideas like these Spider Straw Toppers
spider straw toppers at GingerSnapCrafts.com
For this project you will need:

black card stock

paper straws

this image from the Silhouette online store

or a spider paper punch (This one is cute!)

hole puncher


First you will cut or punch out your spider shapes.Then use a hole punch to make a hole right in the center.

This makes the perfect size hole to slip your straw through.  

spider straw toppers-1
  Slip the paper straw through, & you have the perfect accessory for your Halloween drinks!
spider straws-1
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Thanks so much for having me over! It was fa-boo-lous!
spider straw toppers
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