Halloween: Spooky Finger Specimens

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30 Crafty Days of Halloween

Hi there! I’m Jessa from Sparkle, where I share crafts, recipes and ideas to inspire. I’m really happy to be here at See Vanessa Craft to share a fun Halloween project with you today. This Spooky Finger Specimen craft is awesome because you get to include the whole family in the making of the project. Casting molds sounds scary, but it’s really easy. It’s like they do at the dentist, but making a mold of your fingers is way more comfortable than one of your teeth.



Plaster of Paris



small plastic cups

stir sticks or popsicle sticks

food scale (optional, but very useful)

mason jar



First you want to create your mold using the alginate and water following the directions on the back of the package. It’s best to measure the alginate and water by weight, if you have a scale. Be sure to work quickly, stirring the ingredients together. Once the mixture turns pink you need to get your fingers in there.


Using stir sticks or popsicle sticks are best, so you don’t make a mess and can get a well blended mixture. Don’t worry if there are a few lumps.


At this point I poured the alginate into a plastic cup, tapped the bottom of the cup against the table, and stuck my fingers in the alginate.


It takes about 3 minutes to firm up. Once the alginate has lost it’s tackiness, wait 30 seconds, then pull your fingers straight out.


Mix up your plaster of paris with water, 2 parts plaster of paris and 1 part water. Pour into the molds. Tap the bottom against the table to get any air bubbles out. Let sit for 1 – 2 hours to harden. To get the plaster fingers out of the mold, turn the mold upside down and hit the bottom. Then use your fingernails or the tip of a butter knife to grasp the plaster fingers and pull them out. This is a little tricky, but be gentle so you don’t damage the still drying plaster or break the mold. You can get a few uses out of the mold if you are careful with it.


Display your finger specimens in a mason or apothecary jar, or find another creepy way of showing them off!


Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Come see some of my favorite crafts over at Sparkle!

Thank you Vanessa for inviting me to your Halloween series!


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