2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Still searching for that perfect Christmas gift for your child or maybe grandchild, niece or nephew? I’ve got you covered! I’ve rounded up my top 10 holiday gifts for kids, toddlers through teenagers. Some of these products we’ve used and loved and others will be under our tree or given to one of our friends this year. All of these gifts inspire creativity with a little educational fun mixed in there too. I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. 

LeapPad Platinum: Electronic time is very limited in our house, but when my kids do get to play with it I’m grateful for the LeapPad Platinum. The games are educational and it is very kid-friendly. Plus, it’s made to withstand some inevitable bumps. We were also blown away by how much better this version is than previous LeapPad versions! A great gift for ages 36 months – 9 years. 

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Crayola Thread Wrapper: Crayola makes some pretty cool things for kids, but the Thread Wrapper takes the cake! The box recommends this product for ages 8-10, but I think this gift would be perfect for the tween crowd. They can thread wrap headbands, pencils, sunglasses and so much more with this fun gift. Creative gifts are the best! 

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Strider Balance Bike: I’ve read great things about easily teaching children how to ride a bike on a balance bike, so when my 2 year old requested a bike for Christmas I knew which one we’d get (in pink, of course). Strider bikes have no petals and are a great way to teach children the fundamental skills of balancing. I can’t wait to go out on family bike rides once our littlest learns how to ride her bike! 

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Digipuppets Honey Bunny: Honey Bunny is a finger puppet that works like a stylus on tablets and smartphones. She comes with free educational apps for iOS and Android. This is a fun way to introduce toddlers or young children to technology in a very purposeful way that involves creativity and education. I can’t wait to put Honey Bunny in my daughters stocking! 

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SmartLab Spa Lab: Make your own soaps with this kit! All you need is a microwave oven and the provided soap molds, soap base and pigments to craft up soaps of all different kinds. The box recommends this products for ages 8-15, but I know some 30 year olds that would also love this lol! 

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InRoad Toys Play Tape: My kids are constantly taking my tape and using it to make roads, so I was super excited to discover InRoad Toys Play Tape! Not only is it the perfect size for toy cars, but the tape is also very easy to peel off and stick on. Hours of creative fun and the perfect stocking stuffer!  

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Step2 Wonderball Fun Playhouse: We got the Wonderball Fun Playhouse by Step2 a few months ago and it is the most played with toy in our house by my toddler. I love how interactive this house is and how, with a little creativity, can turn into anything she wants it to be. This is a great toy for ages 18 months – 5 years old. 

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HABA’s Little Friends Bendy Doll: I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect dolls for Amelia’s dollhouse and I’ve finally found them! HABA’s Little Friends are 4 inch tall, bendable dolls that are perfect for little hands! All of HABA’s dollhouse accessories look so cute, we can’t wait to collect them all. Another fun stocking stuffer idea! 

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Original Squeeze: This is another great stocking stuffer for the toddler crowd. Fill the Original Squeeze pouch with homemade purees or smoothies for mess free, on the go eating. I’m looking forward to filling our Original Squeeze pouch with homemade applesauce for those busy days when we need a quick on the go snack. Get your children involved in the kitchen and let them help prep the squeeze pouch! 


SmartLab Slime Lab: Creative gifts are at the top of my list this year and SmartLab is my go to company for gifts that kids can create with. My son is going to be so excited to find this Slime Lab under the tree this year and I look forward to a day full of slime play. This gift is recommended for ages 8-15. 

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 What are you getting your child for the holidays this year? 

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