Craft: Winter Fur Wreath

Fur Winter Wreath Tutorial

This year, instead of a Christmas specific wreath, I decided to make a winter wreath that could stay up throughout the season. I’ve had a love for woodland decor since designing my son’s woodland themed nursery and knew I wanted to bring that look to my front door. Maybe someday I’ll finally get my flocked tree and decorate it in a woodland theme. This year, my toddler and preschooler were in charge of tree decorating. You can imagine how that went, but it was all about the memories. For now, I’m happy with how my faux white fur wreath turned out – even if my tree was a beautiful hot mess ha! 


1 yard white faux fur
cutting mat
rotary cutter
hot glue
straw wreath form
burlap bow

Winter Fur Wreath 1 copy


Step 1: Use a rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut the fur fabric into 2 inch strips. Warning, this gets messy so you may want to do it outside or in an area that can easily be vacuumed or swept. 

Winter Fur Wreath 2 copy

Step 2: Hot glue the end of one strip to the back of the straw wreath. Start wrapping, overlapping the fur fabric as shown in the photo. Hot glue the end of the strip to the wreath and start another strip of fabric where you left off.

Winter Fur Wreath 3 copyWinter Fur Wreath 8 copy

Step 3: Add a burlap bow, use hot glue to attach! You can make one or buy a pre-made one. 

Winter Fur Wreath 6 copy

Step 4: Tie a piece of jute around the top of the wreath and hang! 

Winter Fur Wreath 5 copy Winter Fur Wreath 7 copy

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