Organization: Small Pantry Makeover

This pantry makeover is sponsored by World Market and its advertisers. #WorldMarketTribe Pantry Organization Before and After copy Okay you guys, I’m a little (ahem, a lot) embarrassed to show you a before photo of my pantry pre-makeover. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a closet hoarder. I like organization in my living spaces, but just don’t open any closet doors or something might fall out and hit you. Out of sight, out of mind. This is my year to tackle those spaces and truly get organized, even behind closed doors. So here is my pantry before photo, in all it’s unedited and horrifying glory. Brace yourselves. Pantry Makeover Before Photo copy I told you, it was baaaad. I needed some major assistance, so I headed to my happy place. World Market. They have baskets and bins and all kinds of pretty organizational stuff. I did my small pantry organization research via pinterest and headed straight for the jars. I picked up several one-gallon glass storage jars. My goal was to reduce the need for bags/boxes and make everything in my pantry more uniform. I added staples, such as flour and oats, that we regularly use to the jars. I do a lot of baking for this blog, so having those items front and center has come in handy. Plus, I can easily tell when I’m getting ready to run out of something. Pantry Makeover Organization 1 copyPantry Makeover Organization 2 copyPantry Makeover Organization 3 copy When I was perusing the jar aisle, I found the cutest spice jars with clamp lids and knew where all my spices would be going. Before, all my spices went in a giant basket and I could never find what I needed and sometimes I’d buy a spice I already had just because I couldn’t find it. I’m a spice kinda gal, they are something I use regularly and I love experimenting with different flavors. So, I knew that my spices needed to come out of hiding and placed somewhere handy. I recommend tailoring your organization system to your specific needs. My spices are now housed on my pantry door, within easy reach and in those cute jars. Pantry Makeover Organization 4 copyPantry Makeover Organization 5 copyPantry Makeover Organization 6 copy Next at World Market I hit up the basket aisle. I knew I wanted everything in my pantry to have a place, which meant either going in a jar or a basket. I found a few baskets that wouldn’t worked, but that I ran into the large white metal storage bins in the bathroom section. The bins were just the right size and would fill the shelves perfectly. I recommend taking measurements before you hit the store and know what size jars, baskets, bins that you’ll need before you start shopping. Every bin that went into my pantry was assigned a specific purpose. I now have bins for breakfast items, canned goods, lunches, kid snacks, parent snacks, paper products and miscellaneous baking stuff. It’s heavenly.  Pantry Makeover Organization 8 copy Pantry Makeover Organization 7 copy Once all my jars were in my pantry, I went to town with my Cricut cutting machine and labeled everything with adhesive vinyl. It was time consuming but so worth it. Each jar and bin now has a purpose. If something doesn’t fit that purpose, it doesn’t go in there to clutter things back up. I’ve found that the happier a space makes me, the more I’ll be willing to keep up with the organization to keep it looking pretty. World Market also has chalkboard labels that would be great for this project! Who knew pantry organization could be so fun and pretty! Pantry Makeover Organization 10 copy

What are your tips for staying organized?

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