Craft: Paint Filled Eggs Canvas Art

I received tickets to attend the Blue Man Group Show in Las Vegas. The opinions expressed here are my own and I received no monetary compensation. This post may contain affiliate links.

Egg Splatter Art Inspired by Blue Man Group copy

Creating splatter art with paint filled eggs has been on our crafty to do list for forever. I remember doing this craft with kids when I worked at a summer camp. It was so much fun and a creative way to create art. We were recently invited to watch the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas at the Luxor and they are the masters of creativity! I won’t spoil the show for you, but the Blue Man Group did some splatter art of their own. The show was very family friendly (a rarity in Vegas) and a mix between a rock concert and a comedy show, with a whole lot of creativity thrown in there.This was a kid free trip for us, but I just know my 5 year old would love seeing the Blue Man Group and I can’t wait to take him. I’m constantly reassuring my kids that it’s okay to think outside the box and to color outside of the lines sometimes. The Blue Man Group definitely does that! They totally inspired me to break out the paint and think outside of the box for this project! 

Blue Man Group in Vegas


Eggs (1/2 dozen per canvas)
Tempera Paint

Egg Painting Blue Man Group 1 copy


Step 1: Crack the very top of the eggs and remove the egg whites and yolk, leaving an empty shell. Rinse and allow to dry.

Step 2: Fill the eggs with paint.

Egg Painting Blue Man Group 3 copyEgg Painting Blue Man Group 2 copy

Step 3: Head outside and set up the canvas somewhere that you don’t mind getting splattered in paint. You can use tarps to protect the area if necessary. We propped our canvas on an old chair in the grass, that I didn’t mind getting paint on. You could also lay the canvas flat on the ground and drop the eggs from above.

Egg Painting Blue Man Group 8 copy

Step 4: Have your child toss the paint filled eggs at the canvas, creating a fun splatter effect! 1/2 dozen eggs per canvas worked well for us! 

Egg Painting Blue Man Group 4 copy Egg Painting Blue Man Group 5 copy

Step 5: Allow the egg splatter art to dry. Display! 

Egg Painting Blue Man Group 7 copy Egg Painting Blue Man Group 6 copy

The next time you are in the Las Vegas area, make sure to grab your tickets to watch the Blue Man Group perform live at the Luxor! Have you ever seen the Blue Man Group? 

Blue Man Group

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