Disney: Finding Dory Party Favor Idea

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Finding Dory Bag and Party Favor Ideas

Over the weekend, I hosted a Finding Dory themed birthday party for my kids. They both have summer birthdays and Finding Dory was the perfect joint birthday party theme for these siblings! After searching etsy for all things ocean themed, I came across the cutest printables to make Dory and Nemo favor bags. I’m all about party favors that will be used long after the party and I was happy to have found Finding Dory crayons, coloring books and bubbles! Check out the Dollar Store, Target Dollar Spot and Michaels for Finding Dory items. They were a huge hit and a very inexpensive to make! 


Blue and Orange Kraft Bags
Dory and Nemo Printables


Step 1: Purchase the Dory and Nemo printables from Simply Made with Sam and print them out. Cut the pieces out.

Finding Dory Bags Party Favors 6 copy

Step 2: Glue the Dory printables to the blue bags and the Nemo printables to the orange bags, as shown below.

Finding Dory Bags Party Favors 1 copy

Step 3: Fill the bags with Finding Dory or Nemo party favors! Some ideas include: coloring books (found at the dollar store), crayons (found at Michaels) bubbles and lollipops. I also added in Finding Dory PEZ and Finding Dory graham crackers

Finding Dory Bags Party Favors 2 copy Finding Dory Bags Party Favors 3 copy Finding Dory Bags Party Favors 4 copy Finding Dory Bags Party Favors 5 copy

Step 4: Hand out the Finding Dory party favors to your guests and just keep swimming! 

Finding Dory Bags Party Favors 8 copyFinding Dory Bags Party Favors 9 copy Finding Dory Bags Party Favors 7 copy

 Check out these other creative Finding Dory ideas:

Finding Dory Ribbon Fish Headband

 Finding Dory Headband

Finding Dory Marshmallow Pop 3 copy

Finding Dory Marshmallow Pops

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