Halloween: Martian and Astronaut Sibling Costumes

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Welcome to 30 Crafty Days of Halloween! This DIY martian Halloween costume tutorial has been sponsored by Primary. This post contains affiliate links. Make sure to check out all of our Halloween Tutorials for more inspiration!


Sibling Halloween costumes are still going strong around here. It’s something the kids look forward to and talk about YEAR ROUND. I’m not joking. The day after Halloween, they are already talking about what they will be the following year. They debate their costume choice, in true sibling fashion, and we all take a vote on what our family costume will be. This year, astronaut and martian won.

I’m all about being crafty, but I don’t do complicated or time consuming. I happily purchased the astronaut costume. After discovering the solid colored clothing options at primary.com, I knew I’d be able to whip up a super easy martian costume. Hooray for not having to dye anything in my sink this year AND my daughter can reuse the clothing long after Halloween. I’m beyond excited about this!

I can’t decide if I like this year’s costumes better or the fish and fisherman costumes from a couple years ago.


green capri leggings
green tank top
green tulle
braided elastic
3 small foam balls
3 large googly eyes
thin green feathered boa
hot glue gun
green wig


Step 1: Head to Primary.com and purchase the green capri leggings and tank top. There are also long sleeve options for those of you in cooler weather. Anything green will work!


Step 2: To make a tutu, measure a piece of elastic to fit around your child’s waist. Sew the ends of the elastic together. Tie on strips of tulle to the elastic until the elastic is completely covered. 


Step 3: To make the googly eyed headband, hot glue a piece of feathered boa to the headband. Hot glue 3 small foam balls on top of the boa strip and attach googly eyes to the front of the balls. You could also attach pipe cleaners to the headband if you’d like antennas. 


Step 4: Put it all together! Have your child put on their green clothes from primary.com and add the tutu on top. Put the green wig on and the googly eyed headband on top of the wig. Add a green pumpkin bucket if you’d like and call it a day!


Step 5: If a parent or sibling wants to have some Halloween fun, they can dress up as an astronaut. You could attempt to DIY this costume, I just bought it. This would make for a fun family costume!

martian-and-astronaut-sibling-halloween-costume-2Martian and Astronaut Halloween Sibling Costume Idea

 Check out Primary.com for more simple Halloween costume inspiration!

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