Recipe: Birthday Marshmallow Popcorn Ball Pops

Birthday Marshmallow Popcorn Ball Pops

Skip the cake and make popcorn ball pops, made with JET-PUFFED marshmallows, for your next birthday party. Or have both! This easy recipe is perfect for a dessert table or fun treat to make with the kids. My kids love baking or cooking with marshmallows, probably so they can sneak a few while they help. I remember doing the same as a child anytime I helped my mom in the kitchen! 


For this recipe you’ll need popcorn, miniature marshmallows, butter, vanilla extract and lots of sprinkles. Kids can help measure the miniature marshmallows, butter and vanilla extract as an adult melts the ingredients together over the stove. After the mixture is mixed in with the popcorn, the kids can go to town with the sprinkles! The more sprinkles, the better. 


My secret to the perfect popcorn ball is to use an ice cream scoop coated in cooking spray. Make sure to pack the scoop with an overflowing amount of popcorn mixture. Not only do you avoid getting your hands all sticky, your popcorn balls will turn out fluffy and round. Plus, older children can help with this step. 


To make these popcorn balls even more festive, add a colorful paper straw and serve them in a matching cupcake liner. To save on time, you can make them the night before your party. Just make sure to store them in an air tight container. Aren’t they almost too pretty to eat? Almost. 

birthday-popcorn-balls-1-copy birthday-popcorn-balls-2-copy

 Click here to see the full recipe: Mini Popcorn Ball Pops

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