Christmas: 5 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas


Is your Elf on the Shelf running out of creative ideas? Here are 5 easy Elf on the Shelf ideas that you might want to mention to him. Our Elf shopped for supplies at At Home Stores (we share a love for this store) and came up with the ideas below. My kids love waking up and looking for their Elf, it makes Christmas time that much more magical. Totally worth it, just don’t forget to have your elf set his phone alarm so he remembers to fly back to the North Pole and land in a different spot every night.

Idea 1: Elf decorates the car to look like Rudolph. Have your elf grab a reindeer car kit from At Home Stores and decorate the car on his way home from the North Pole. Elf can hang out on the rearview mirror when he’s done. 


Idea 2: Elf brings gingerbread house kits to decorate. Here’s a little elf tip: put the houses together with a hot glue gun. The houses would no longer be edible, but my kids never eat them anyway after they are decorated.

easy-elf-on-shelf-ideas-4-copy easy-elf-on-shelf-ideas-3-copy

Idea 3: Elf brings a winter fairy garden back from the North Pole. Don’t forget the faux snow and glitter! There’s something magical about a miniature fairy garden that my kids just love. Every morning, my daughter wakes up to greet the fairies in her tiny garden. The elf can bring new accessories every week for the garden.


Idea 4: Elf surprises kids with mini trees for their rooms. At Home Stores has the cutest miniature trees and accessories, my daughter was so excited that the elf brought a pink tree for her room! She’s welcome to decorate (or un-decorate) this tree to her hearts content. 

easy-elf-on-shelf-ideas-7-copy easy-elf-on-shelf-ideas-6-copy

Idea 5: Elf selfies! The elf can pick up a holiday selfie kit from At Home Stores and practice his (or her) best selfie pose. My kids thought it was hilarious that the elf borrowed my phone to take selfies!

elf-on-shelf-5-copy elf-on-shelf-6-copy

Watch the video here:

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