Kid Friendly: Step2 Play It Forward

I am a Step2 Ambassador and am partnering with The Step2 Company to pay it forward. This post contains affiliate links.


There are many reasons why I love working with The Step2 Company as a brand ambassador, but the number one reason is that they care so much about the community. Along with premiering the Turbo Coupe Intercepter Foot-to-Floor, The Step2 Company recently donated $10,000 to the Streetsboro police department in Ohio, where their headquarters is located. The donation will go towards the Shop With A Cop program, where children in the community will get to shop with an officer or dispatcher for the holidays. 


If that wasn’t awesome enough, The Step2 Company is allowing all of their ambassadors to “play it forward” by donating a Step2 product to a cause of our choice. Last year, I had the opportunity to donate a play kitchen to an amazing foster family in my neighborhood. The year before last, I was able to gift a Thomas the Tank Engine™ Up & Down Roller Coaster™ to Brian, who is diagnosed with A-T. This year, with much debate about how to spend my “play it forward” opportunity, I decided to give back to my son’s teacher and school. I couldn’t think of a better cause!


Like so many teachers out there, Logan’s teacher goes above and beyond for her students. She spends much of her own free time and money on the kids, coming up with innovative ways to make learning fun. Logan looks forward to going to school each day and I’m grateful to know that my child is in good hands with such a great teacher. I couldn’t wait to tell Logan’s teacher about the “play it forward” opportunity and have her pick out a Step2 product for her classroom!


I wasn’t surprised when Logan’s teacher picked the Kick and Shoot Sports Combo for the kindergarten playground. She had previously mentioned that she was hoping the playground would be getting some sports equipment, as many of the children love to play soccer during recess. And of course, as unselfish as possible, she opted for something that would benefit the majority of the kids. Logan and I couldn’t wait to drop off the basketball hoop and soccer goals! A big thank you to The Step2 Company for helping us “play it forward”!

If you know an amazing teacher, find a way to “play it forward” to them!

Ship an art easel or play house to a teacher, for their classroom!


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