Party: 5 Reasons to Host a Birthday at California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen hosted my son and his kindergarten class for the purpose of a review. Our opinions and love for pizza are 100% ours!


My son and his friends from school were treated to a party at the California Pizza Kitchen, complete with a behind the scenes tour! Everyone loved it and the parents raved about how it would be perfect for a birthday party. Check out my top 5 reasons for hosting a birthday party at California Pizza Kitchen below. Contact your local California Pizza Kitchen to find out more information about parties and tours. 

If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area, California Pizza Kitchen at Desert Ridge is hosting a breakfast with Santa on December 18th and December 23rd from 8 – 10am. Tickets are $10 per person and reservations are required. The price includes choice of breakfast pizza and beverage. You can call (480) 473-3336 to reserve your spot. What a fun idea! 

1. Amazing food! During the party, kids make their own personal pizza. They can pick from a variety of different toppings. Our group mostly went for cheese and pepperoni with a few veggies in the mix. Not only is this a fun party activity, they get to eat their creations at the party. Adults can order from the menu too (try the BBQ chicken pizza)! 


2. Behind the scenes fun! While our pizzas went into the oven, the kids were given a behind the scenes tour of the kitchen and prep area. This was pretty fascinating for the kids and they especially loved hanging out in the giant walk-in freezer! 


3. Fun activities! While the kids waited for everyone in our party to arrive, California Pizza Kitchen was prepared with an activity! They had out crayons to decorate the little chef hats the kids all wore. The kids loved playing chef for the day!

california-pizza-kitchen-birthday-tour-2-copy california-pizza-kitchen-birthday-tour-copy

4. Easy and stress free! The California Pizza Kitchen staff was wonderful! They set up, they entertained, they cooked AND they cleaned up. Talk about easy and stress free, can’t beat that! 


5. Great memories! My kids are STILL talking about how much fun they had making pizza at California Pizza Kitchen and they can’t wait to return. This is such a unique birthday party experience that kids will always remember!


Visit California Pizza Kitchen for more information about birthday parties! What are your favorite pizza toppings? 

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