Disney Cruise: Fish Extender Gift Ideas

Cinderella Laundry Fish Extender Gift 3 copy

We recently had the opportunity to attend Disney Social Media Mom’s Conference, which was a land and sea event this year. Something that made our Disney cruise that much more magical, was participating in a fish extender group. A fish extender group is a non-formal group, which you can usually find within your specific cruise’s non-formal facebook group, that exchanges gifts throughout the cruise. The specifics of when and how much are usually up to the group.

It was so much fun finding surprises in our fish extender, which are homemade or store bought pouches that hang from a fish hook outside of each cabin. I decided to give something that could be used during the cruise, a pop up hamper for laundry with a fun tag attached that says: “for your laundry, because Cinderella is off duty”. I also brought a pop up hanger along for our own cabin and it came in very handy, I’ll never travel without one again! 


Laundry Pop Up Hampers
Printable Tags
Blue Tulle
Hole Punch


Step 1: Download and print out the free printable Cinderella laundry tags

Cinderella Laundry Tag

Laundry Hamper Printable Tags

Step 2: Cut out the tags and punch a hole at the top. 

Cinderella Laundry Fish Extender Gift 1 copy

Step 3: Thread a piece of blue tulle through the tag hole and tie around the pop up hamper. You can include travel laundry detergent with the hamper and place in the fish extender! 

Disney Cruise Fish Extender Gift Hamper 1 copyCinderella Laundry Fish Extender Gift 2 copy
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