Craft: Tooth Fairy Receipt and Box

This Tooth Fairy receipt printable and tooth box post is sponsored by As You Wish Pottery. All opinions are mine alone.

Tooth Fairy Box and Tooth Receipt Printable See Vanessa Craft

My 6 year old lost his first tooth, actually 2 teeth at once, this year. It was a bittersweet milestone, watching him grow so quickly, and one I wanted to make special. We regularly paint at As You Wish, it’s our bonding time and something we both enjoy doing. On one of our trips into the studio, I spotted the cutest little trinket boxes and knew they’d make the perfect tooth fairy box! I love that this is something that my child can keep forever and possibly pass down to his own children someday. In our house, the tooth fairy leaves behind glittered dollar bills. I recommend having the tooth fairy pick up a bottle of glitter hairspray, it works great when sprayed on money. She can also leave behind a tooth fairy receipt for each tooth, keep on scrolling for the free printable. 


Tooth Box (painted at As You Wish)
Tooth Fairy Receipt


Step 1: Head to As You Wish and have your child paint their own tooth fairy box or you can have it custom painted by one of the artists there, like this one was. 

Tooth Fairy Receipt 2 copy

Step 2: Leave the lost tooth in the box. 

Step 3: The tooth fairy can print out the free Tooth Fairy Receipt printable. Cut along the lines and fill out a receipt for each tooth lost. Circle the quality of the tooth. 

Tooth Fairy ReceiptTooth Fairy Receipt 3 copy

Step 4: The tooth fairy can swap the tooth for the receipt, along with money and a little magical glitter! Use the tooth box for future lost teeth. 

Tooth Fairy Receipt 1 copy

How much money does the tooth fairy pay per tooth in your house?

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