Craft: Teacher Appreciation Reese’s Pieces Gift Idea

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Teacher Appreciation Reese's Pieces Gift Idea - Free Printable Tags

When school started, I had my son’s teacher fill out a teacher survey. The teacher survey asked for information about her favorite color, restaurant, drink, candy, etc. It has been so helpful knowing all of her favorite things for little gifts of appreciation throughout the year. We thought it’d be a good idea to show our appreciation for her, during Teacher Appreciation Week, by gifting her all of her favorite things. Reese’s Pieces just so happen to be her favorite candy, so I created a cute tag to tie on a mason jar full of those delicious little candies. We’ll also be gifting these Reese’s Pieces mason jars to dance teachers, karate instructors and other school administration during Teacher Appreciation Week. What will you be doing to celebrate your favorite teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week? 


Large Mason Jar
Reese’s Pieces Candy
Printable Tags
White & Orange Card Stock Paper
Hole Punch


Step 1: Print out the free printable tags on white card stock paper. 

Pieces of Knowledge Tags Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea 1 copy

Step 2: Cut out the tags and punch a hole through the circle at the top of each tag.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea 2 copy

Step 3: Fill the jar with Reese’s Pieces candy.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea 3 copy Teacher Appreciation Gift 8 copy

Step 4: Trace the inner lid of the mason jar onto the orange piece of card stock paper. Cut out the circle. Place the lid on the jar, with the orange piece of paper on top before screwing on the outer ring.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea 4 copyTeacher Appreciation Gift Idea 7 copy

Step 5: String a piece of ribbon through a tag and tie to the jar. Gift to your favorite teacher!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea 5 copy Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea 6 copy


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