Craft: LEGO Soap Teacher Gift with Cricut

Best Teacher On The Block LEGO Soap Gift copy

School supplies are starting to pop up in stores, which means it’s almost back to school time. We already have our “meet the teacher” dates marked in the calendar and thought it might be nice to take the teachers a gift at that time. I usually put together a “teacher survival kit” for our teachers and include things like a coffee gift card, lip balm and soap (because kids = germs). We got crafty with our soap this year and used our Cricut to put “Best Teacher On The Block” in adhesive vinyl on the bottle. I couldn’t resist making a bottle for our own bathroom with our children’s names on it. I’ve never seen kids more excited to wash their hands before in my life! You might also want to make your child’s new teacher a Live Love Teach Clipboard, it’s super cute!


Cricut Machine
Cricut Cutting Mat
Cricut Black Adhesive Vinyl
Cricut Transfer Tape
Cricut Essential Tool Set
Liquid Hand Soap
15-20 LEGO or Similar Bricks 
Plastic Straw


Step 1: Grab your supplies online at, click on “shop”. You’ll need black vinyl and cricut transfer tape for this project. If it’s not already in your craft room, you’ll also want to get the Cricut Essential Tools and an accessory pouch to hold everything. 

LEGO Soap Teacher Gift 1 copy

Step 2: Remove the liquid soap label. Tip: If there is residue from the sticker, slather a layer of peanut butter on top and let it sit for an hour before washing in hot soapy water. The residue should come right off.

LEGO Soap Teacher Gift 2 copy

Step 3: Place 15-20 LEGO bricks inside of the soap container, using a straw to push them down. 

LEGO Soap Teacher Gift 3 copyLEGO Soap Teacher Gift 9 copy

 Step 4: Download the Best Teacher On The Block image and upload to the Cricut Design Center. For step by step instructions on how to upload an image to the Cricut Design Center, you can follow steps 2-6 in my Little Miss Independent tutorial. No cartridges needed anymore with the newer machines and you can upload your own designs. I big time LOVE my Cricut machine!

Best Teacher Lego SoapScreen Shot 2017-06-17 at 4.06.05 PM

Step 5: Cut the black adhesive vinyl to fit on your cutting mat. Attach the vinyl to the mat, black side up. I used a 12×12 standard grip mat. Set the Cricut machine’s dial to “vinyl” and make your cut. 

Cricut Foil Shirt Tutorial 3 copy

Step 6: Use the Cricut Essential Tools to weed your image. You’ll be removing anything that you don’t want on the soap bottle.

LEGO Soap Teacher Gift 4 copy

Step 7: Transfer the image to a piece of Cricut Transfer Tape. Line the words up to the lines, as straight as possible. 

LEGO Soap Teacher Gift 5 copy

Step 8: Place the transfer tape, with the vinyl words on the soap bottle. It will immediately start sticking, so make sure you place it where you want it before it touches the bottle. Rub the words onto the vinyl, gently pulling off the transfer tape. 

LEGO Soap Teacher Gift 6 copyLEGO Soap Teacher Gift 8 copy

Step 9: Gift to a special teacher!

LEGO Soap Teacher Gift 7 copy LEGO Soap Teacher Gift 10 copy

Visit for more back to school inspiration! What are you creating with your Cricut?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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