Craft: Road Trip Duck Pond Printable

Duck Pond Printable and Road Trip Car Tray

My family is always on the go, whether it’s to karate practice or dance class, which means a lot of snacking in the car. I make it a point to try to fuel my family with healthier options and Nothing But The Fruit (NBTF) just made it a whole lot easier with their new Real Fruit Bites. They are mom approved and I love that my kids consider them “treats”, when they are 100% real fruit. We have a couple road trips coming up, which means more time spent in the car and I know what I’ll be loading up our snack bin with. To keep my preschooler happy during the drive, I created a duck pond printable. The ducks magnetically stick to the tray and can be moved around in the pond. I’ll also show you how to craft up an easy car tray, which conveniently doubles as a snack tray during road trips.


Metal Baking Sheet
Spray Paint
Duck Pond Printable
White Card Stock Paper
Miniature Rubber Ducks
Adhesive Button Magnets
NBTF Real Fruit Bites (for snacking purposes)


Step 1: Before road tripping, head to Starbucks to grab a few packages of NBTF’s new Real Fruit Bites. They are made with 100% real fruit that’s picked, pureed, and pressed. They are non-GMO, vegan & gluten free with no added sugars, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, fillers or waxes. Yes, please! I always have a package in my bag for quick and easy on the go snacking. 

Duck Pond Car Tray 5 copyDuck Pond Car Tray 7 copy

Step 2: Spray paint a metal baking sheet with your choice of color. Do several light coats and allow to dry between coats. Allow tray to fully dry and air out before the trip.

Duck Pond Car Tray 1 copy

Step 3: Print out the free duck pond printable onto white card stock paper.

Duck Pond Car Tray 2 copy

Step 4: Attach adhesive magnets to the bottom of the ducks. Closely supervise children with magnets.

Duck Pond Car Tray 3 copy

Step 5: Place the printable on the metal tray and the ducks on top of the printable.

Duck Pond Car Tray 4 copyDuck Pond Car Tray 9 copy

Step 6: Place the tray on the child’s lap while in the car. They can play with the ducks and use the tray to hold NBTF Real Fruit Bites.

Duck Pond Car Tray 8 copyDuck Pond Car Tray 11 copy Duck Pond Car Tray 6 copy

Head to the NBTF website for more healthy snack ideas before you hit the road. Follow NBTF on Instagram and Facebook. Available at Starbucks, Target, Meijer, Winn Dixie, BI-LO and online at amazon.comWhat are your favorite road trip activities for kids?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nothing But The Fruit. The opinions and text are all mine.


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