Halloween: Frankenstein Hat and Halloween Games

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Happy Halloween! I am Margaret from Growing Play where the goal is to help children and families grow through play. Halloween time is quickly approaching with the children getting more excited the closer it gets. Let the kids in on the action and create their own Halloween hat.

Halloween Coloring Hats Freebie.cdr

The Frankenstein Halloween hat can be printed in color or black and white. Follow the directions on page 1 of the freebie, to see step by step directions of how to create the hat. If you print it in black and white, start off by having the children color the hat.

Halloween Coloring Hats Freebie.cdr

Then the child can cut apart the hat into the strips. Size the hat and glue it together to fit the child’s head.
That’s it. It is that easy and the kids can start playing different Halloween games using their new hat.

Halloween Coloring Hats Freebie.cdr

Download the Halloween Hat Template HERE!

Try a game of Frankenstein Freeze Dance. Turn on some Halloween music. Everyone can dance around the room, stomping their feet. When the music stops everyone must freeze.

Play Frankenstein Simon Says. The leader wears the Frankenstein Hat and gives the directions. Frankenstein says “stomp your feet”. Frankenstein says “Grunt real loud”. Frankenstein says “jump up and down”. Makes sure the leader says Frankenstein says before you move or you are out of the game.

Play Frankenstein Monsters. Pick a leader to stand in front of the group and wear the hat. The leader has his/her back facing the group (aka “monsters”). The group stands at least 30-50 feet away from the leader. The group slowly tries to sneak up on the leader. Whenever the leader wants, he/she can turn around quickly and try to tag the other “monsters” before they get back to the starting line. If the leader tags a monster, they go up with the leader and try to tag people. Only the leader can decide when the turn around and tag people. The last person tagged is the winner.

So why not create Frankenstein Hats and play games at your Halloween party!

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Printable Halloween Frankenstein Hat for Kids

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