Valentine’s Day: “I Hygge You” Printable Socks Gift

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Hygge Inspired Gift Idea

Hygge is a Danish word that roughly translates to cozy, intimate or comfortable. Denmark is one of the happiest places in the world and many people attribute their happiness, even in the midst of their mostly cold and gloomy weather, to their hygge. After reading The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, I’ve become obsessed with creating a little hygge in my home. I’ve decluttered our living room, changed up our lighting and added a few more pillows. Those few changed have made our home much more cozy and enjoyable. I wanted to pass on a little hygge to my friends, so I created “I hygge you” sock wrappers to gift them wool socks. I also created a “you knock my socks off” version, which I’ll be gifting to my hubby with new dress socks for work. Spread a little hygge this Valentine’s Day! 


Fun Wool Socks
Printable Socks Wrappers (Hygge Version|Knock My Socks Off Version)
White Card Stock Paper


Step 1: Print out the printable socks wrappers (Hygge Version|Knock My Socks Off Version).

You Knock My Socks Off Printable I Hygge You

Step 2: Cut around the wrapper lines. 

Valentine Socks Printable 1 copy

Step 3: Wrap the wrappers around the wool socks and attach using a piece of tape. 

Valentine Socks Printable 2 copy Valentine Socks Printable 3 copy

Step 4: Gift to your favorite person!

Valentine Socks Printable 6 copy Valentine Socks Printable 4 copy

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