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Nacho Average Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket Idea

What do you call a cheese that isn’t yours? NACHO CHEESE! 

My kids are obsessed with this silly joke and it inspired our Teacher Appreciation Week gift this year. We filled a galvanized bucket with all the nacho essentials – chips, salsa, queso and even a cute cactus sipper cup. We plan on also adding a gift card to Cafe Rio, one of our favorite nearby Mexican food restaurants. You really can’t go wrong with this teacher gift idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want a bucket full of nachos?! Go say thank you to your “Nacho Average” teachers! 


White Card Stock Paper
“Nacho Average Teacher” Tags
Galvanized Bucket
Festive Hand Towel
Tortilla Chips
Salsa & Queso
Cactus Sipper
Hole Punch
Yarn or String


Step 1: Print out the free printable “Nacho Average Teacher” tags on white card stock paper. 

Nacho Average Teacher copy

Step 2: Cut out the tags and punch a hole at the top of each tag. 

Nacho Average Teacher Gift Idea 2 copy

Step 3: Fill a galvanized bucket with tortilla chips, salsa, queso and a fun cactus sipper. 

Nacho Average Teacher Gift Idea 3 copy

Step 4: Use a piece of yarn or string to attach the “Nacho Average Teacher” tag to the bag of chips. 

Nacho Average Teacher Gift Idea 4 copy

Step 5: Add a gift card to a yummy Mexican food joint and gift to your favorite “Nacho Average” teacher! 

Nacho Average Teacher Gift Idea 4 copy

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