Craft: End of School Year Bubble Gift Idea

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End of Year Classmate Bubble Gift Idea

School is almost out for summer break and the countdown is on! After spotting these giant bubble wand tubes at the store, my preschooler asked if she could give bubbles to each of her classmates. I thought it was a great idea and personalized the bubble tubes with a little adhesive vinyl and my Cricut Maker. I crafted up tags that read “wishing you a bubbly and fun summer” to attach to the wands. You can have your child sign the bottom of the tags or even leave your phone number for summer play dates. 


Big Bubble Wands
White Adhesive Vinyl
Vinyl Transfer Tape
Cricut Maker
Printable Tags (keep scrolling for the free printable)
White Card Stock Paper
Scissors, Hole Puncher


Step 1: Use the Cricut Maker to cut out the names of all of your child’s classmates out of white adhesive vinyl. Make sure to measure your bubble wands and size your font accordingly before you make your cut. Weed your vinyl and attach to the bubble wands using vinyl transfer tape. For more detailed instructions on how to apply adhesive vinyl using transfer tape, see my LEGO soap bottle tutorial

End of Year Bubble Gift Tags 2 copy

Step 2: Download the free printable “wishing you a bubbly and fun summer” tags and print them on white card stock paper.

Bubble Wand Summer Classroom Gift Tags

Step 3: Cut around the tags and punch a hole near the top. You can have your child sign his or her name at the bottom of each tag. Attach the tags to the bubble wands using ribbon. 

End of Year Bubble Gift Tags 3 copy End of Year Bubble Gift Tags 1 copy

Step 4: Gift to classmates on the last day of school before summer break starts!

End of Year Bubble Gift Tags 4 copy End of Year Bubble Gift Tags 5 copy


End of School Year Classmate Bubble Gift Idea with Printable Tags

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