20 Pinterest Best Practice Tips for Content Creators

20 Best Practice Pinterest Tips for Influencers and Content Creators

I recently returned from In the Making, a conference hosted by Pinterest in San Francisco. In fact, it was their very first conference for influencers and they sure do know how to throw a party! Definitely Pinterest-worthy! I learned so much, including updated best practice tips straight from Pinterest that I thought I would share. They also shed light on some of the myths that are currently floating out there. There is NO pin limit for businesses. Your follower count is NOT the best way to measure success (engagement is more valuable). You will NOT lose followers if you archive boards. Keep on reading for 20 Pinterest best practice tips for content creators and influencers, including the new size recommendation for pins.

  1. Upgrade your account to a free Pinterest business account under “settings”. 
  2. Add the follow button on your website so people can follow you on Pinterest. 
  3. Make sure your Pinterest profile is completely filled out. Include a profile photo, name and description. 
  4. If you haven’t already, claim your website on Pinterest under “settings”. 
  5. Create new Pins at least weekly, but ideally daily. Consistent daily activity is better than a once-a-week flurry.
  6. Create new Pins for old posts by pinning new photos. It’s okay to have multiple Pins land on the same destination.
  7. Optimize your website for Pinterest by including a Pinterest “save” button on each image. 
  8. Start pinning seasonal pins 45 days before that specific holiday or season starts. 
  9. Keep in mind that 80% of Pinners use Pinterst via mobile. 
  10. The NEW ideal aspect ratio for images is 2:3 (600 x 900). Square images (600 x 600) are also recommended.
  11. Lifestyle images are more effective than product shots. 
  12. Utilize straight forward text overlay. Don’t go overboard. Subtitles aren’t a necessity (but see what works best). 
  13. Avoid logo placement in the corners because the Pinterest visual search icon will cover it up. 
  14. Provide a call to action in the Pin description to drive clicks. 
  15. Utilize keywords in the Pin description, board names and categories.
  16. Board names should be specific and relevant. Don’t try to be cute or clever here. 
  17. Utilize hashtags in the description. They should act as broad search terms, not niche humor. 
  18. Include videos! Video sizes should be square (1:1) or portrait (9:16). Short videos work best for awareness and storytelling. Longer videos work best for education or tutorials. The message should be clear even if the sound is muted. 
  19. Visit Pinterest Analytics for more insight and to improve your strategy. 
  20. Subscribe to the Pinterest business email for updated information on best practices under “settings” in your profile. 

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