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Tangled Disneybound 1 copy

Disney: Kid Friendly Disneybounding Ideas

This Kid Friendly Disneybounding Ideas post has been sponsored by Primary. #DisneySMMC If you’re planning a Disney trip, here are some fun Disneybounding ideas for kids! Disneybounding is when you wear normal clothing to the parks that resemble a character. Instead of princess dresses everyday, that take up way too much valuable suitcase space, we […]

Power Puff Glitter Night Lights Tutorial

Craft: The Powerpuff Girls Glitter Night Lights

This Powerpuff Girls glitter night light post is in partnership with Hulu. All opinions are mine. #PowerpuffOnHulu The Powerpuff Girls were a big part of my youth and I’m excited to pass on my Powerpuff love to my children! I was thrilled to discover that Hulu is the only place to now find the full […]

Apple Crisp Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Recipe: Apple Crisp Breakfast Bowl

After indulging on vacation, I’m getting back on track with healthy eating. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I created a healthier apple crisp recipe that’s perfect for breakfast or snack. This stovetop apple crisp recipe is easy to make and goes great with Shamrock Farms cottage cheese! Not only is cottage cheese high in protein (a […]

LEGO Batman Surprise Bath Bomb Tutorial

Craft: LEGO Batman Surprise Bath Bombs

This LEGO Batman surprise bath bomb tutorial is sponsored by Warner Bros. Pictures. All opinions are mine. #LEGOBatmanMovie My kids are counting down the days until The LEGO Batman Movie hits theaters on February 10! In honor of the movie, we crafted up some surprise bath bombs – LEGO Batman and Joker style. Inside each bath […]